The data shows that 100 million USDTs issued last night have been distributed more than half, and the currency security and fire currency exchanges have become the largest recipients.

According to Beijing Chain Security, at 23:27 last night, TEDA immediately sent a high-frequency transfer operation to the Tether Treasure address of 100 million USDT. In less than 8 hours, the remaining USDT of the address There are already less than 46 million, which means that more than half of the USDT has been distributed. Compared with the recent two additional issuances, the short-term transfer operation of this additional issuance is more frequent. The transfer is made 7 times within 30 minutes after the issuance, and the amount is more dispersed. So far, there has not been a large-scale transfer of tens of millions of grades. The transfer is a jump through more relay addresses. On the transfer target, Bitfinex has not become the biggest recipient in the past since this issuance. The currency security and the fire currency exchange have become the protagonists. Among the currently identifiable transfer operations, more than 14 million USDTs have flowed into the currency exchange, more than 12 million USDTs have flowed to the Huobi exchange, and at least 5,834,492 USDTs have flowed directly to the Bitfinex exchange. At the current rate, the USDT issued yesterday may be dispatched faster, and whether there will be a fourth issue in the month this week is worthy of attention.