Morning market: Bitcoin broke through 12,000 US dollars to keep going up, even the market is just around the corner

Bitcoin rushed to $12,000 and rose to a high of $12,299 in the early morning. When it sprinted, it showed a slightly blocked posture. The short-term trend is still upward. The bullish sentiment is still strong, and the quantity continues to flow. The price continues to rise. Space, then when the price remains at $12,200, we still retain the bullish trend;

On the daily chart of Bitcoin, the Bollinger Band is open upwards, the 5-day moving average is running upwards, the 10-day moving average is parallel, and the price has a further upward posture. At present, there is a certain pressure on the top. The previous resistance point of $12,500 has formed a short-term trend. Pressure line, so when the price is 12,200 US dollars, 12,500 is not blocked, it may form a callback. The current short-term correction is not strong, and today's trend will be adjusted at a high level, pending a breakthrough;

In the chart of the daily chart, the MACD fast line is put on the 0 axis, and the slow line still keeps a small outflow. If the upper rush reaches 12,500 USD, the quantity may be able to keep up, which will not be too strong. After adjustment, there is a good breakthrough. At this stage, we will not consider it. The trend will be adjusted in the range of 12500-13000 USD. The STOCH double line continues to rise, the mood is still biased towards the bulls, and the RSI is at 50 levels. Running up, BTC will form an upward trend today. Chen Chuchu suggested more than one single. The operating strategy is to follow the multi-single at $11800-12000 to see $12,500. The breakthrough continues to hold follow-up. When the trend fails to break through $12,500, Nearby light warehouse follow-up on the empty list to see 12,200 US dollars fell below the 12,000 US dollars, mainly based on multiple orders, support 11600 US dollars, resistance 12,500 US dollars; in the operation with a good stop loss, to ensure the safety of the position, not quilt, let The danger is within the controllable range, and the opportunity can be regained;

ETH continued yesterday's upward trend. At present, the upper resistance is at 325 US dollars. The overall trend tends to fluctuate upwards. Then, after the operation is followed by multiple orders, it can be quickly exited after the high position light warehouse follows the short position and supports 300 US dollars.

XRP stood firm at $0.40 in the oscillating uptrend, and can slowly pay attention to XRP. Today, there will be a good upward trend. Follow-up operations can continue to follow up at around $0.40, supporting $0.40 and resistance at $0.42.

LTC has a strong sentiment today, forming a wave of upward momentum. In the short-term, you can follow up with $130. After the profit, you can quickly leave the market, support $115, and resist $127.

BCH is slightly up, standing above the moving average, and has the kinetic energy to continue upwards, but the amount is too small, so the trend is not too strong, waiting for the outbreak after the adjustment of around 420-430 US dollars, support 400 US dollars, resistance 430 US dollars;

EOS continues to adjust upwards, the current trend is blocked by 6 US dollars, then the trend will be enhanced after the breakthrough, the operation callback is more than the main, supporting 5.7 US dollars, resistance 6.1 US dollars;

The mainstream currency is basically a stage of breakthrough, so it is not too detailed. The previous articles are very clear. The words mentioned are all mentioned. The trend of the pie is an upward trend, and the bulls below. Emotions are strong, so today is the last pressure to resolve the above pressure, once the trend through 12,500 US dollars, then return to the high point just around the corner, if the rise to 12,000 US dollars is the key to open the rising market, then rush to 12,500 US dollars is to give rise The momentum can be sustained in the short term. The callback will not be seen for the time being. The short side is now in the concession stage. It will not give too much pressure for the time being. The current upward movement will not be too fast. One step at a time will make many bottoms long. The field, then the power outbreak, but also very fast, we must be patient at the current stage of follow-up; friends who are always on the sidelines can pay attention to the timing of Chen Chuchu taking you with the pace of the upswing to grasp the profit;