Data: Ethereum fundamentals have changed, the exchange rate of BTC has fallen

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on July 9th, the price of Ethereum was $316.29, the total market value was $33,761.04M, and the volume of mainstream exchanges was about $346.03M, up 24.32% from yesterday. Ethereum has a bitcoin exchange rate. Some declines; fundamentals, Ethereum chain transaction volume and active address number have a certain rebound, the computing power has a certain decline; DApp trading volume on the ETH chain has a certain rebound; Ethereum 30-day developer index is about 2.37; high probability Highly linked with BTC, Ethereum also has a corresponding increase when the price of BTC rises; currently the total market value of ERC20 token is about 54.71% of Ethereum's total market value; in terms of ERC20 active address, the top five tokens are USDC, LINK, MANA, DAI, TUSD.