Analysis: ATOM price is highly correlated with the amount of mortgage

Since the Cosmos main online line on March 18th, Cosmos has experienced a hard fork, but the number of ATOMs on its entire network is still steadily rising. LongHash has compiled the data on the chain after hard forks, calculated from April 22 The change in the number of ATOMs on the whole network from the date of the day. As shown in the figure, the blue line represents the change in the total ATOM number of the entire network, and the pink line represents the price change of ATOM. It is not difficult to see that the number of ATOMs mortgaged by the whole network before May 3 experienced a period of rapid growth, and then steadily increased at a relatively steady pace. As of June 23, the total ATOM number of mortgages on the whole network was roughly 146 M, accounting for approximately 146 M. 60.8% of the total ATOM number. Although the price has partially declined in May, it has also steadily increased in general. It is worth mentioning that if the ATOM mortgaged to the verification node wants to untie and then flow into the secondary market transaction, it will take 21 days to untie the success under the Cosmos mechanism. This means that if we first observe a significant drop in the number of ATOMs on the chain, we can speculate that the reason behind this may be that a large user wants to cash out a large number of ATOMs, so a lot of ATOM unbundling operations are performed. The price of ATOM may fall after 21 days. This makes the significant decline in the number of mortgage ATOMs across the network may be the first sign of ATOM price decline.