Ontology as the sole public chain representative, and Huawei and Tencent appeared in the International Telecommunication Union standardized distributed ledger Madrid conference and proposed to share

Recently, the ontology as the only public chain project was invited to participate in the sixth meeting of the Focus Group of the Distributed Accounting Group of the International Telecommunication Union Standardization Department held at the Bimiris University in Madrid, Spain. Hu Ning, a senior agreement expert on the ontology, is a major contributor to the reference architecture and project mapping template, and is shared with more than 70 representatives from China, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Israel, and Rwanda. Complete the discussion and formulation. It is reported that the Chinese delegation has 6 experts from China Information and Communication Research Institute, Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, and Ontology to attend the meeting and successfully complete all scheduled tasks.