Security company: Over 33 million mailbox passwords leaked, attackers extort bitcoin ransom

On July 9, Tencent Yushen Threat Intelligence Center issued a document saying that it had recently captured a mining Trojan attack. The unique highlight of the Trojan virus was the use of broiler computers to send intimidating blackmail messages. Up to now, the virus has overcome 1,691 servers, and more than 33 million verified email accounts. Email services including Yahoo, Google, AOL, and Microsoft are all under attack. In the end, there may be hundreds of millions of mailboxes. The account is verified. If the email account is successfully verified, send a fraudulent email to the email address. The content of the email is "I know your password or privacy information. You must pay the XXX account for Bitcoin worth XXX USD within X days. Otherwise, you will be public." Privacy information.” The analysis found that the main module of the virus was written by “Burimi” and had intranet propagation capability (infected with U disk and network shared directory), and security experts named it “Burimi” mining worm.