Deutsche Bank has laid off tens of thousands of people, and Bitcoin has been fired again. What happened?

According to the British Guardian report yesterday, Deutsche Bank began laying off thousands of people in the City of London and New York just a few hours after the announcement of a major global plan to lay off 18,000 people.

The bank said that the layoff plan is to achieve corporate restructuring.

The largest bank in Germany employs nearly 8,000 people in the UK, 7,000 of whom are in London. London is one of the main centers of its global investment banking business, with most of its layoffs concentrated in London. Deutsche Bank has a total of 91,500 employees worldwide, of which about one-fifth are laid off.

According to reports, some employees in London burst into tears after hearing that their work was lost. Around 10 am, someone started to leave the bank building with luggage. Some people said they were told that their pass would stop working at 11 am.

Wait, what does this have to do with Bitcoin?

Deutsche Bank has seen a dramatic scene in the process of implementing a layoff plan in London. The reporter caught two men in suits and walked out of the bank's office building, and one of them was carrying a canvas bag with the words bitcoin.


(Source: Twitter )

This inadvertently captured photo became the headline of the major mainstream media – of course, they may not have noticed it.

When the news of the layoffs of Deutsche Bank came out, Twitter and Reddit’s cryptocurrency enthusiasts couldn’t help but feel excited. Many people said that “the first employee who was fired by Deutsche Bank took out the bitcoin bag. It seems that he has found a new job."

There are also people who pass the slogan "Long bitcoin, short banks" on social media. Some netizens said that they associated with the moment when the Lehman Brothers logo was removed.

Lehman Brothers auction

According to Reddit netizen "marcusworm", it is his friend who wears a light blue suit in the photo. In fact, his friend is a tailor-made business in London, but at the same time as the layoffs came out, he happened to be wearing a suit to try on the customers who work at Deutsche Bank. This is the photo taken. However, the eye-catching bitcoin bag in the photo is indeed his beloved.

Bitcoin, which was born in the economic crisis, has always been regarded as a disruptor and challenger of the traditional financial system. It happened that this time, when the big banks laid off employees, such a dramatic scene appeared, which triggered a hot discussion in the community.

It turns out that Deutsche Bank has not recovered since the 2008 economic crisis. As operating costs continue to rise, stock prices are falling.

Interestingly, Babbitt reported on the stock price of the bank's plunge in early June. At the time, Anthony Pompliano, a well-known cryptocurrency fund manager, suggested that the Bitcoin community buy the bank and reinvigorate it through Bitcoin, saying "this would be an interesting thing."

At the time, some netizens replied to Pompliano, "When designing a space rocket, you don't need the Wright brothers."

Ironically, today, a month later, the bank was dramatically tied up by layoffs and bitcoin.