Matrixport officially operates, Wu Jihan is targeting professional bitcoin dealers this time.

According to Bloomberg News on July 8, the new company Matrixport, the co-founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, officially opened its operations today.

It is reported that the CEO of Matrixport is Ge Yueyu, who said that Wu Jihan's latest attempt is to establish a one-stop platform for digital assets over-the-counter trading, lending and hosting. In January of this year, the world's largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Bitland suffered a cash crisis, and Matrixport was split from it at that time.

Ge Yuexi said that Wu Jihan is a group of global venture capital firms and major shareholders of Bitcoin. The headquarters of Matrixport is located in Singapore and currently has about 100 employees, dozens of whom are from Bitland. The 27-year-old CEO said details about the company's financing will be announced later.

In an interview with reporters, Ge Yueyu said:

“Our origins are closely linked to Bitland. Because we operate different businesses, we are partners rather than competitors.”

A representative from Bitland did not comment on the company or the relationship between Wu Jihan and Matrixport.

It is reported that Matrixport's goal is to challenge BitGo and Genesis Global Trading in the US, whose goal is to develop financial services for professional cryptocurrency dealers and investors. Bitcoin's bull market is also a huge opportunity for these companies. Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin prices have risen three times. According to data provided by , the current bitcoin market price has exceeded $12,000.


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Ge Yuezhen revealed that Matrixport will use its relationship and expertise in Bitland to meet the needs of the world's largest Chinese miners.

The official launch of Matrixport also marks the latest entrepreneurship of entrepreneur Wu Jihan. According to Bloomberg News, the billionaire has resigned from his position as co-CEO in Bitland, but Wu will still benefit from the successful listing on Bitco. (It is reported that in the second half of this year, Bitland seeks to raise US stocks. 300 million to 500 million US dollars).

It is reported that as early as 2012, Ge Yuezhen and Wu Jihan met for the first time. Ge Yuezhen was an undergraduate at a private equity fund as an undergraduate, and Wu Jihan was the manager of the fund. According to Bitland's September listing application, Ge Yuezhen is also a founding member of Bitcoin and holds a 4% stake in the company. Prior to the creation of Matrixport, Ge Yuezhen oversaw the investment department of Bitland, which was responsible for financing the circle companies including Circle.