Wang Xin, Director of the Central Bank Research Bureau: Strengthening international collaboration in the field of digital finance requires the voice of China, including the voice of the Chinese market and the people.

On July 8, 2019, the inaugural meeting of the "Digital Financial Open Research Program" was held in Beijing. Regarding how to deal with Facebook's Libra, Wang Xin, head of the Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China and head of the Money and Banking Bureau, said that it is very important to strengthen international coordination and cooperation in the field of digital finance. In this respect, our industry and academics have already Played a very good role, such as a high-level dialogue with the IMF. In fact, there are more and more discussions on the platforms of international financial policies such as BIS, IFM, etc. On these platforms, we especially need to send out the voice of China as soon as possible. The voice of China does not necessarily fully represent the voice of the government. There should be a lot of important market voices and folk voices. In this way, we can better safeguard China’s interests in the discussion of relevant international policies, the formulation of rules and standards, and even the competition for genuine products and services. Promote the development of our digital finance. In the end, it will better support the real economy and better prevent financial risks. Link: