Data: Ethereum has become Tether's main distribution platform

According to Tokenview data, USDT's demand in Ethereum continued to rise after April this year. Since June, the circulation has surpassed other public chains, and since July it has become the most important public chain for issuing USDT. As users' demand for Ethereum USDT continued to rise, Tether recently printed a large amount of money in Ethereum to replace the USDT of the Omni chain. Previously, Tether CTO explained in Twitter that the recent 100 million USDT of Tether in Ethereum was not a new entry, but to transfer the USDT of the Omni chain to Ethereum, which will be destroyed. . Analyst Aaron believes that the additional USDT has not been destroyed, which means that there is at least 100 million of the current USDT total liquidity.