Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan: In the face of the challenge of the digital central bank, it must be an alliance between big companies to promote

According to Tencent Technology, on July 9, 2019 (the 18th) China Internet Conference was held in Beijing, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said in his speech, "The simplest usage of blockchain today is to make payments. Or doing a transaction, doing other things to confirm the right, is actually quite far from this era." He also pointed out that "Now the country is also very urgent to pay attention to this matter, more needs folk Power to participate. So not every company is doing this for its own business purposes, but playing its own role in the world in China. The global game can see big game opportunities in the US, China, and American Facebook. I have done such a payment system, even called the digital central bank, how does China respond? I will mention some Chinese phenomena and opportunities for prophecy. There is another role that cannot be missed, called Sun Zhengyi. When he is deducting, he has a lot of resources to control the world. Because in such an era, in the face of the challenge of the digital central bank, today’s approach is not a country’s ability to develop independently. Love, must have formed alliance between big business to promote, which is the formation of a new collision. "