Xiao Lei: The central bank's digital currency needs to use enough application scenarios and endorsement of real assets.

On July 9, Xiao Lei, a financial commentator, wrote in his public account that the digital currency issued by the central bank is, in a way, a monetary form that is more central and more conducive to the effective implementation of monetary policy. Thinking, the overall interest rate of the human money market will continue to decrease until the negative interest rate is a big trend. The implementation of the central bank's digital currency is actually easier to implement ultra-low interest rates and reach negative interest rates, which may help the country to adjust the economy, but for ordinary For depositors, the credit of French currency may be further reduced. At the same time, he said that from a strategic point of view, it is necessary to establish a digital currency suitable for internationalization. The digital currency with Chinese characteristics cannot be simply a technical upgrade. The process of digitizing the legal currency must have at least three characteristics: The first is to have international currency attributes, similar to the current offshore market of the RMB, etc., which can be directly issued overseas; the second is to have enough application scenarios, at least with the help of Chinese Internet giants, or other financial business networks. Come to the ground; the third is to have real asset endorsements, such as gold.