ChainNode live room 丨 FBG founder Zhou Shuoji: Staking is the right way to expand the project

At 7:00 pm on July 9th, in an interview with ChainNode live broadcast, FBG founder Zhou Shuoji said that he had great interest in Defi. In the past, there were very few people involved in the ecology of DeFi, about 1W. However, in the last 2 to 3 months, DeFi users showed a significant positive growth, reaching around 100W. But this does not mean from whom to draw funds but it is based on the different interests of investors, can lock the capital for 1-3 years. At the same time, Zhou Shuoji also said that this is not a new financing method, but a different financial game. Regarding Staking, Zhou Shuoji said that this is the correct way to expand the project, and the project side can use it to attract real real users. Live full-time playback link stamp: