Zhao Changpeng: The new FATF regulations do not take into account the side effects of regulatory influences.

According to Forkast's July 9 news, Zhao Changpeng commented on the FATF's latest cryptographic supervision guide in an interview: "For me, it is obvious that those who make these rules may not know much about cryptocurrencies. Now, you can be in the bit The currency block chain transfers billions of dollars without any KYC or AML. No one is responsible, no information can be shared, except the sender no one owns the information. So I don't know how they will achieve this (for more than 1000 The US dollar transaction implements the KYC and AML rules.) Simply asking the cryptocurrency provider to provide information actually involves only a very small portion of the transaction. When the cryptocurrency service provider is strongly restricted, the (transaction) will be provided from the centralized service. Transfer to a completely anonymous, decentralized service provider. There won't be any information there. So the end result may be that they actually have less information. I don't think they have taken into account the regulatory implications. The side effects."