Market Analysis: The market is fierce, and the results of long and short battles will determine the trend of key trends.

In the early morning, bitcoin entered the trend of shocking upwards. In the upward process, it has been blocked at 12,600 US dollars. The short-term trend has a stale attitude, and the shock range will be formed. If the subsequent price stops at 12,600 US dollars and falls below 12,300 US dollars, then the trend will enter the shockdown phase. When effectively breaking this resistance, it will continue to move toward the high point;

On the BTC daily chart, the Bollinger Bands are open upwards, but the upper section of the Bollinger Bands is parallel. The upper resistance of $13,000 is still a key pressure line. It has formed a strong suppression of the current trend. Today's trend continues to rise and there are further formations. In the rising posture, the moving averages are arranged in a long position, and the long market can continue. If the follow-up trend continues to be blocked, the market may start to change;

The MACD two-line bond intersects on the 0-axis. The fast line will soon pass through the slow line to form a golden fork. The STOCH will go up on the 50-level line. The RSI will continue to run upwards. Then the BTC has a tendency to form a shock upward trend. The current price level continues to be blocked. As the attitude of the upward movement has slowed down, there is still the possibility of a callback in the follow-up. Chen Chuchu suggested that the operation should be more focused. In the first stage, more than 12,400-12,500 dollars will follow up to see 12,700-12,800 US dollars. At 12200-12300 USD, follow the multi-single and see 12,500-12,700 USD. If the trend breaks through, continue to follow up and make a quick exit. In the operation, remember to take a good stop loss, do risk control, and maximize the return;

ETH Ethereum daily line Bolin with a posture into the shock zone, the trend continues to remain glued, stepping on the middle of the Bollinger band in the early morning, but the amount is too weak, the bullish rebound is insufficient, the price is blocked at 310 dollars, the trend is still shocked upward If the trend is stable to $310, the upside capability will be strengthened; support $300, resistance $320;

XRP continues to adjust sideways. When the price can't break above 0.4 US dollars, it is still a trend of sideways volatility. The amount can be weakened. It is more difficult to break out in the short term. After the subsequent adjustment to 0.4 USD, we can follow up. Continuous layout around $0.38-0.39;

LTC is also the same sideways trend. If the station is unstable for 120 US dollars, you can't see the upward momentum. If you follow the adjustment, you can enter the bargain;

BCH’s strong pull yesterday also eased the bullish sentiment, but it was severely hampered at $430, and adjustments still need to be continued, with more callbacks;

EOS keeps sideways, the top 6 dollars can not be effectively broken, there is no upward momentum support, and the subsequent slow layout in the low position, waiting for a breakthrough;

ZEC maintains a downward adjustment attitude, the quantity can continue to flow out, and the subsequent trend will continue to run downwards. Focus on supporting 90 US dollars to follow up and wait for rebound;

Judging from the performance of mainstream currencies, most of them are a sideways trend. ETH basically has to enter the trend of sideways. If the big cake can't break through 13,000 US dollars in a short period of time, then the shrinkage of mainstream currency will declare failure. The market will enter a comprehensive callback phase. If it can effectively break through to 13,000 US dollars, then the mainstream currency will enter the compensatory phase; so the recent breakthrough of the pie is quite important, and there is still a strong empty pressure at the top. Therefore, there may still be a long-lasting war of attrition in the near future. Follow up with a large range of shocks. When breaking the current high point, you are ready to welcome the rising market.