The hardware wallet Trezor was exposed to extract the key seed in only 5 minutes and the vulnerability could not be patched.

Ledger Donjon Donjon, a security research team at Ledger's hardware wallet, released a report earlier this month saying that attackers can extract key seeds from some other branded hardware wallets and attack them with devices that cost only $5 and $100. This vulnerability cannot be fixed by a patch. Ledger Donjon said the devices affected by the vulnerability include Trezor One, Trezor T, Keepkey and other similar Trezor devices. Since this vulnerability cannot be fixed by a patch, Ledger Donjon's report does not disclose the technical details of the vulnerability. Ledger Donjon said that the attack was disclosed to the Trezor security team last December, and the Trezor team also said it was known at the beginning of the product design. The Ledger Donjon team recommends that users of these devices use a 37-digit random password to improve security.