Professor Xie Ping of Wudaokou Finance College: If Libra is used by 1 billion people, it will be a popular blockchain.

According to Sina Finance, on July 9, Xie Ping, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the China Forty 40 Forum and professor of the Wudaokou Finance College of Tsinghua University, said in the speech that if 1 billion people use the Calibra wallet, the traffic portal is the blockchain. The popularity of technology. In addition, it should advise China on Libra: 1. China should actively participate in activities such as IMF/BIS and international organizations on digital currency regulation, and strive to play a role in it. 2. Consider allowing Chinese companies to participate in the Libra Association. 3. China can combine the results of the Central Bank's Digital Money Institute, CBDC, to encourage companies to participate in digital currency research and applications, and gradually build a digital currency ecosystem. 4. For Chinese residents with Facebook accounts and foreign currency credit cards, it is almost impossible to ban them from using Libra technology. It should be clear that Libra is not an ICO, ITO or other virtual currency. 5. It is currently possible to ban the exchange of RMB and Libra (sales and sales) and wait for the specific regulatory rules of Libra in the United States or G7. Can be used as a prohibition clause for anti-money laundering. 6. Because Libra is a stable currency, the price fluctuations are small, it does not add value itself, and the circulation can be increased continuously; therefore, it is unlikely that Libra will be used as an illegal fundraising target. 7. The use of Libra will greatly facilitate hundreds of millions of people to open blockchain application apps or accounts. We want to encourage domestic commercial banks and financial institutions to use blockchain technology.