Ethereum USDT additional flow analysis: the second full-issue distribution in July

Beijing time on July 4th at 18:07:11, TEDA company launched the second additional issuance in the Ethereum network in the month, as of July 8, from the issuance of the additional address, but after the transfer of the relay address, the follow-up In the flow of active addresses to markets such as exchanges, we have also carried out a certain degree of follow-up. Here, we have made statistics on the transfer operations of the main 46 clear receiver exchanges, with a total amount of 84,743,453.54 USDT. Overall, the additional USDT was distributed to four exchanges, namely Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, Okex.

Among them, Bitfinex accepted the most amount, totaling 41,216,617.26 USDT, the amount accounted for 48.71%, the number of transfer times was 8 times, the proportion accounted for 17.39%.

The amount of Okex is at least 60,382, the amount is 0.07%, the number of transfers is 1 time, and the number of times is 2.17%.

From the active date of the transfer transaction, the transfer transactions on July 6 and July 8 were the most frequent.

On July 6th, the transaction was 18 times. The total amount accepted by each exchange was 31,236,299.77 USDT, accounting for 36.86%, and the transaction times accounted for 39.13%.

On July 8th, the transaction was 15 times. The total amount accepted by each exchange was 21,833,143.03 USDT, accounting for 25.77%, and the transaction count was 32.61%.

Below we further list the target exchange transfer list that can be confirmed as follows:

We turn these to the USDT summary of the different wallet addresses of each exchange and show them further graphically:

We can see that through more than forty transfer operations (since some transfers involve relay addresses, the actual number of transfers is more than listed), the USDT of this additional issuance is basically completed. Overall, most of the additional USDTs were transferred to the Taidex company's connected exchange Bitfinex, while Binance, Huobi and Okex also received a certain number of USDTs, through the active exchanges of these transactions, the second issuance this month. The USDT officially entered the market.

Source: Beijing Chain