Wu Jihan’s newly created encryption financial service company Matrixport Chinese name is “matrix endpoint”

According to the chain news, the Chinese name of Matrixport, the newly created cryptocurrency financial services company founded by Wu Jihan, the founder of Bitland, has been identified as the “matrix endpoint”. The company's registration information shows that the company's English name is "MATRIX TECH PTE. LTD.", which was registered in Singapore on February 26 this year with registration number "201906158Z". The Matrixport website is currently online and is inviting the first beta users. Matrixport's website said it will provide digital asset security custody, lending, wealth management and trading services for mining machines, mining pools, quantitative funds, digital currency lending platforms, digital currency funds, exchanges, OTC dealers, etc. Currently, OTC transactions have been launched. For products such as digital currency custody and pledge loans, the custody business brand is “Cactus Custody”.