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7 Key construction projects in provinces and cities in 2020 involve billions of funds from the blockchain to help industrial development

Article | Mutual Chain Pulse · Gold Carriage In the first quarter of each year, local governments will develop a support list for key projects. Inter-chain pulse combing, in the first quarter of 2020, 7 provinces and cities in China have listed more than 20 blockchain projects as key industrial development projects and key investment […]

Video: Lecture on OK Blockchain 60-Features of Blockchain: Decentralization

From PC Internet to mobile Internet, from e-commerce to cloud computing, 20-year-old Ali can be said to have a very sensitive technical sense of smell, did not miss any trend of the times, and this time, Ali is staring at the blockchain. Ma Yun once said that for Alibaba, blockchain is not a gold mine, […]

Open Class | How to achieve authenticity in an information-pollution environment?

In the era of information flooding, everyone has the opportunity to spread information and publish information, drowning in massive information. How to quickly extract the most important and critical parts? How to improve the ability of information analysis? Different search engines sometimes get completely different search results. What practical tools and resources are recommended? The […]

How much do you know about the history of Ethereum? Here is a brief history

Ethereum (Ethereum) is a global open source blockchain platform for decentralized applications (DApps), supported by smart contracts and embedded in the local digital currency Ether (ETH). On Ethereum, you can write code to control the transmission of digital value according to programming conditions. Ethereum is mainly used for three purposes: one is to store the […]

Global blockchain status: Asia is the most competitive, and Africa is the largest target market?

Author: Joseph Birch Translator: Sambodhi Source: Blockchain Outpost Globally, the adoption of blockchain technology has exploded. However, although this technology has many fans, the spread of technology has never been balanced. The adoption of blockchain is limited by many factors, including the development of infrastructure, local resources and supervision. As with the spread of any […]

Yao Qian: Three major scenarios and solutions in which blockchain may be applied to central bank digital currency

Source of this article: First Financial , original title "Yao Qian: Blockchain and Central Bank Digital Currency" Author: Yao ago Based on the bottom-up "exchange" perspective, this article proposes a new central bank digital currency implementation plan, which also achieves the goal of "centralized management and control and distributed operations." Blockchain is a trusted technology […]

Observation | Xiong'an Blockchain's 3rd Anniversary: ​​From the first tree with an "identity card" to the official opening of the blockchain laboratory

On March 31, the day before the third anniversary of the establishment of the Xiong'an New District, the Xiong'an Blockchain Lab was officially unveiled. According to reports, Xiong'an Blockchain Laboratory is a comprehensive technology innovation service platform, with the goal of creating an open innovation base and exploring new laboratory economic models, focusing on technological […]

Video | Chen Xiaohua: Two attributes, six dimensions, and one center of the blockchain

What is blockchain? What is the development stage and future prospects of the blockchain? What can it bring us? These doubts about the blockchain have been haunting the public. In this issue of the "Deconstruction" column co-produced by Ou Ke Group B-LABS, we have invited Chen Xiaohua, the chief blockchain economics expert and director of […]

The application prospect of blockchain technology in sudden public safety incidents: how to realize "digital city governance" and "digital epidemic prevention"?

Source: National Governance Weekly Editor's Note: The original title was "The Application Prospect of Blockchain Technology in Sudden Public Safety Incidents" From March 29 to April 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during his inspection in Zhejiang: "Using big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to promote innovation in urban […]

Fragmented identity data, reshaped on the blockchain

"Identity" is the most basic information for everyone. When it comes to identity, the majority of people have the ID card in their minds. The ID card briefly records the objective facts about each person: date of birth, ethnicity, and location of household registration. In order to prove that the information is true, the state […]