Articles about Blockchain - Section 2

LSD injects a shot in the arm for blockchain. What risks should users pay attention to?

In April 2023, after the successful completion of the Shapella upgrade, a wave of Liquid Staking Derivatives frenzy ...

Latest article by Vitalik: Keeping it Simple and Avoiding Ethereum Consensus Overload

We should maintain the minimalism of the chain, support the use of re-staking, instead of expanding the role of Ether...

NGC Ventures: Why we invested in Opside

Opside is a decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service) platform and a leading ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) mining n...

Game Dosi: First Impressions of LINE’s Web3 Game, the Japanese Communication Giant

Japanese communication giant LINE's Web3 gaming platform GAME DOSI has launched with the slogan "Gamers First, Web3 N...

How to achieve zero-cost and permissionless benefits through off-chain NFT?

One of the key aspects in building the next generation of the internet around personal ownership and data is the abil...

Stablecoins: Not a Replacement for Banks, but a New Disruptor

Stablecoins being rescued shows that they have the capability to compete with banks.

Flashbots: Restraining all parties, committed to thoroughly decentralizing MEV

Flashbots has launched a series of solutions for MEV, aiming to establish a fair, transparent, and secure trading env...

MEME Coin: From Internet Meme to a Market Cap of Over One Billion, What’s Behind the Power?

MEME coin will become an open digital economy that integrates various elements such as technology, culture, and economy.

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