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Industry Blockchain Weekly | Blockchain project selected as a typical case of the Ministry of Justice

Text / Wang Qiao Editor / Duoxiu As the first institutional media to propose industrial blockchain, Zinc Link has been actively promoting the implementation of industrial blockchain. Penetrate the industry's pain points through in-depth reports, listen to the industry's voices through sharing sessions, present the industry's general views through weekly reports, and show unique industry […]

Inventory of China's four major trade areas: what has the blockchain "horse enclosure" done over the years?

Today ’s article is a summary and summary of the four very important trade zones divided by China, namely Xiong’an New District, Hainan Free Trade Zone, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Shanghai Lingang Free Trade Zone (sorted by time of establishment). Development planning and application in the field of blockchain and other situations! So […]

Global assets seek anchor under the crisis, which may become the starting point of Bitcoin's eternal bull market

On the afternoon of April 2nd, the Yinyin Mine Pool organized an online "See You Fengshui" live broadcast conference. In the opening "Global Financial Analysis" session, the Yinyin founder Pan Zhibiao asked Wan Hui, the founding partner of Primitive Ventures Pan Chao, head of MakerDAO China, Yang Zhou, CEO of PayPal Finance, and Liu Fei, […]

MakerDAO founder: The foundation will be dissolved in two years, and the preliminary draft of the governance transfer plan will be announced next week

Original: Translation: Rhythm BlockBeats The Maker Foundation revealed that it plans to start handing over governance power to the community within the next two years, and will announce the preliminary draft of a new community-based governance paradigm next Monday. The Maker Foundation has outlined the framework of self-sustainable DAO. The new framework is characterized […]

European Central Bank Market Infrastructure and Payment Division Director: CBDC's main risks and problems are bank disintermediation

Author: Ulrich Binder (European Central Bank market infrastructures and payment Division) Compilation: Wang Rui, Zhang Aimei, People's Bank of China Frankfurt Representative Office Source: China Financial Journal Editor's Note: The original title was: "China Finance" | Ulrich Binder: Central Bank Digital Currency with Double Interest Rate System Central bank digital currency (CBDC) can be regarded […]

Technology Sharing | Synergy between Cryptography, Blockchain and Privacy Computing

Hashing theory No privacy, no insurance? Privacy computing constitutes a moat that users trust, and the hero behind privacy computing is cryptography, which is also one of the foundations of blockchain technology. What kind of synergy does the three have? In the third lecture of the private computing class last night, Wu Xiaochuan, a blockchain […]

Security Monthly Report | More than 17 typical security incidents occurred in March, the prospects and risks of Ethereum Defi coexist

According to the data monitoring of Chengdu Lian'an "Blockchain Security Situation Awareness System" (Beosin-Eagle Eye), various security incidents have occurred in the past three months. Chengdu Lian'an security personnel counted more than 17 typical security incidents in March, which involved Ethereum Defi security, exchange security, fraud and road issues, and other security incidents. From another […]

QKL123 Blockchain List | USDT market value jumped to fourth place, transaction popularity dropped significantly (March 2020)

The QKL123 blockchain ranking list includes seven lists of blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain mining machines, staking projects, and blockchain wallets. The latest monthly list is summarized in the following table: QKL123 Blockchain General List (March 2020) Source: QKL123 1. Ranking of blockchain projects Blockchain project circulation market value […]

Opinion | Zhongjing Jinchuang Zheng Runxiang: RMB internationalization should establish a mechanism for applying RMB digital currency in the field of commodity trading

Author: Dean of the Year by the Information Technology Research Institute Zheng Runxiang Source: BTRAC Global Digital Network Advanced Think Tank Editor's Note: The original title was "Strategic Proposals for RMB Internationalization in the Digital Economy Era" With the new crown virus raging around the world, the United States began a new wave of unlimited […]

The People's Bank of China: unswervingly promote the research and development of legal digital currency

Source: People's Bank of China official website Editor's Note: The original title was "People's Bank of China Holds 2020 National Conference on Currency, Gold, Silver and Security Work Video Conference" On April 3, the official website of the People's Bank of China published the article "The People's Bank of China Holds a 2020 National Video, […]