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Digital currency concept stocks continue to strengthen in the afternoon

Digital currency concept stocks continued to strengthen in the afternoon, and Guangdian Express pulled up the block. As of press time, the daily limit of six stocks such as Zhongying Internet and Huijin Co., Ltd., Gao Weida, Kelan Software, and Changliang Technology rose sharply.

Developers redesign the anonymous news platform Zboard

According to Decrypt, developers have redesigned the decentralized and anonymous news project Zboard, which aims to promote an independent and uncensored platform. Zboard will use privacy-centric blockchain Zcash to protect the identity of authors and articles.

Zhongzhuang Construction: use blockchain technology to integrate the upstream and downstream of the building decoration industry supply chain

Zhongzhuang Construction (002822) said on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Interactive that when answering investors' questions, the company's blockchain platform is a technology platform that serves the supply chain. Through the use of blockchain technology to integrate the upstream and downstream of the construction and decoration industry supply chain, Build a credible public ledger so that […]

Live | "Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain Conference" is about to start

At 2 pm today, the Ant Blockchain will soon hold the "Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain Conference". The latest developer policies and benefits will be announced at the press conference, including registration and landing to get 100 million development fuel GAS for free; purchases before June 30 will enjoy GAS doubling, enterprise version moving purchases […]

Shanghai uses the underlying technology of the blockchain to issue general public welfare distribution vouchers to guide citizens' sports consumption

According to China Securities Network, the Shanghai Sports Bureau issued the "Key Points of 2020 Shanghai Sports Industry Work." The main point is to actively cultivate new hot spots in sports consumption. Promote the "Jing'an Sports Public Welfare Distribution" model, use the underlying technology of the blockchain, and issue general public welfare distribution vouchers through […]

Sheknows | CBDC Researcher: Push DC / EP now, maybe there will be five major challenges

At noon today, the Sheknows live room ushered in the DC / EP special session. CBDC researchers and Babbitt columnist "Clear Air" shared that currently, the launch of DC / EP is expected to have 5 challenges. Competition in the market; second, the robustness of infrastructure, including whether there is a suitable scenario, whether the […]

24-hour BTC contract-wide contract transaction data shows: the short side prevails

According to the data of the contract emperor, the proportion of BTC network-wide contract turnover in the last 24 hours is 48.81%, and the ratio of opening is 51.19%. Among mainstream contract exchanges, Huobi ’s quarterly opening ratio is 48.68%, and the opening ratio is 51.32%; OKEx quarterly opening ratio is 49.58%, and the opening […]

Filecoin mainnet release date postponed, new window period adjusted from July 6 to August 6

According to Lianwen news, Filecoin announced on the official Slack channel that it slightly adjusted the main online time and adjusted the release window period from July 6 to August 6, Filecoin said that the reason for this adjustment is because of the All operations in Phase 2 were updated with the latest estimates, including […]

Sheknows Live | Hong Shuning: DC / EP will squeeze the current use of electronic payment, but the initial impact will not be too great

At noon today, the Sheknows live room ushered in the DC / EP special session. Hong Shuning, a senior blockchain expert, said in the live broadcast that the central bank has three basic starting points for exploring DC / EP. First, more effective implementation of monetary policy, such as improving the efficiency of issuance and […]

Data: The number of Telegram cryptocurrency channel members has decreased significantly in the past 6 months

According to Bitcoinist, data shared by cryptocurrency trader Aztek shows that from the altcoin discussion room to the transaction chat room, the number of members of the Telegram channel centered on cryptocurrencies has been significantly reduced. From June 2018 to 2020, from the encryption group of Decred, CryptoAlerts, WhaleClub and Litecoin, the loss of members […]