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Application of a Class of Trading Ideas in the Design of Quantitative Strategy for Bitcoin Futures

Publisher: BuyBit Inc. & Paiclub Capital Author: Su Wenjie Abstract: This paper designs two quantitative trading strategies related to Bitcoin futures. The difference lies in whether the trading ideas described in the article are introduced, and the two strategies are compared and evaluated. "Taro Lin's theory is premised on the idea that the stock price […]

Unlimited printing of the Federal Reserve will increase public trust in Bitcoin

After the opening of US stocks on the evening of March 24, Beijing time, the three major indexes ushered in a surge. As of today, the Dow Jones Index has risen more than 11%, the Nasdaq has risen more than 8%, and the S & P 500 has risen more than 9%. I wonder if […]

The US Federal Reserve “unlimited water”, so “Bitcoin”

On the evening of March 23, Beijing time, the Fed launched its final move, announced a new round of quantitative easing, and vowed to purchase an unlimited amount of US Treasury and MBS bonds in order to provide the market with the necessary liquidity. What does it mean? In plain words, as long as there […]

One article revealed the mystery of the North Korean hacker team: the world is fighting the epidemic, but they are stealing Bitcoin?

"The most deadly may be the beast with its teeth and claws, or it may be the silent viper at its feet." Recently, the whole world has been fighting the epidemic, but North Korea, a wonderful workman, is busy laundering money . No, two Chinese citizens were sued by the US Treasury Department for using […]

What else can Bitcoin bring us if we can't hedge?

Production | CoinVoice Text | Simba To push humans into an orderly information and data society, we must get out of the misunderstanding of the blockchain. On March 18, the fifth time the U.S. stock market blew up, the NYSE at 11 Wall Street became the epicenter of a tremor, and there were crowds of […]

Story | From the eyes of others, I know Bitcoin

Remember that from the beginning of the year, the hottest topic in the circle is about to halve Bitcoin. Just as everyone was discussing hotly how much this halving of bitcoin could bring to the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin's naughty diving, stirred up the "tsunami" in the cryptocurrency field, and bitcoin was once again Pushed up […]

BTC plunges again: during the avalanche, every snowflake adds leverage

Mr. Buffett, who was 89 years old, just witnessed the fourth US stock market meltdown the day before yesterday, and may soon be welcoming the fifth. According to data: On March 18, all three major US stock index futures triggered falling trading restrictions. The Nasdaq futures fell 4.5%, the Dow futures fell 4%, and […]

Bitcoin Secret History: Who is Cobra who wants to change the Bitcoin white paper and consensus algorithm?

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng On February 24, 2018, Bitcoin Core member Cobra issued an open letter on Twitter accusing Bitmain of controlling most of the Bitcoin network's computing power and affecting the latter's decentralized attributes.At the same time, it proposed to modify the PoW consensus mechanism to weaken Suggestions from Bitmain Powers. Screenshot from: […]

Will Bitcoin halved in price, plunge again?

In recent days, some friends came to ask Tingjun what he thought of the Bitcoin trend next. Friends who are familiar with Ting Jun know that Ting Jun is a long-term investment, and generally does not make short-term price predictions. However, the recent market fluctuations have been huge and have broken through the scope of […]

Why did Bitcoin fall below $ 5,000? Will it rebound? What about miners?

At low tide, I knew who was swimming naked. Bitcoin has fallen below $ 5,000, a drop of more than 40%, and the data shows that Bitcoin has become one of the biggest assets in this round, second only to oil. Tesla, which recently resonated with Bitcoin, also fell by 40%. Why did Bitcoin fall […]