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The investment risk of blockchain and international supervision are imperative

(For more information, see Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “International Regulation and Compliance Responses for Blockchains”, Mechanical Industry Press, February 2019) Blockchain entrepreneurship has a high technical threshold, investors should pay attention to if the project team is not a chain technology team, should pay attention to stay away as early as possible. The project white […]

Probe into the Legal Issues of Taxation in Digital Assets Trading

Today, China still has no clear and unified understanding of the legal attributes of virtual currency. During the two sessions of the National People's Congress, Shi Guilu, a representative of the National People's Congress, pointed out in the "Proposal on the Construction of Virtual Currency Regulatory System Regulations" that the legal nature of virtual currency […]

Global dynamics at a glance: Japan's new regulations regulate digital asset trading, IBM's comprehensive layout of blockchain industry

In terms of policy, the Japanese cabinet meeting recently passed amendments to the Financial Commodity Exchange Act and the Capital Closing Algorithm to strengthen restrictions on digital asset trading. The bill puts forward a series of requirements for digital asset trading service providers, including the margin limit of margin trading and the deadline for registration […]

South Korea blockchain regulation policy and practice

(For more details, see Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “Intermediary Chain Supervision and Compliance Response”, Mechanical Industry Press, February 2019) First, South Korea's speculation "frenzy" South Korea is an important part of the global blockchain community. Virtual currency has been very popular in Korea in recent years and reached its peak in 2017. According to relevant […]

Banks involved in the field of cryptocurrencies will have rules to follow, and the Basel Committee will develop guidelines

Basel Committee: A permanent supervisory body established in February 1975 under the Bank for International Settlements, which is a senior representative of banking regulators, as well as Belgium, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland. The central bank of the United Kingdom and the United States, whose goal is to increase understanding […]

Utility-type pass: Should cryptocurrencies be classified and regulated?

The Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, in conjunction with Ripple, a US cross-border payment service company, has launched the Block Science and Technology Research Awards Program (BRSP) for graduate students across the country. We will be launching a series of articles on US blockchain regulation brought to you by project team […]

Comment: What will happen to the judiciary when it meets with the blockchain?

At the moment, when it comes to Internet-related hot words, it is necessary to mention the “blockchain”. Since the concept of blockchain was proposed in 2008, this technology has been developed for more than 10 years. The decoupling, consensus mechanism and distributed accounting features of the blockchain are intelligent and extremely difficult to tamper with […]

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issues statement on the issuance of securities-type tokens

On March 28, 2019, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issued a statement on the issuance of securities-type tokens. The following is the full text of the statement: This statement is intended to remind companies or individuals involved in securities-based security token offering (STO) of applicable laws and regulations. The Securities and Futures Commission […]

Malta ICO has been domesticated, IEO? ——A preliminary study on the compliance of the ILO in Malta

Author's note : When the regulatory authorities in Malta have domesticated the ICO into a law-abiding good boy, a child IEO who is similar to the ICO is bravely rushing forward with the burdock. Although ICO has rules in Malta, it may not be applicable to IEO. What are the reasons and impacts? Look together. […]

Japan introduces new regulations: limiting the leverage ratio of cryptocurrency margin trading

According to a report by the Japanese news agency Nikkei on March 18, the Japanese financial regulator (FSA), a Japanese financial regulator, has introduced new regulations for cryptocurrency margin trading. Image source: unsplash According to reports, the Cabinet of Japan has approved a draft amendment to Japan's financial instruments and payment services laws, limiting the […]