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Come here and find business scenarios! Babbitt launches industrial blockchain docking platform today

What are the biggest pain points for blockchain companies? It's because you can't find a nail with a hammer-only technology, but no business scene. On April 16, the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain docking platform was officially launched. This is the first domestic industrial blockchain docking platform ( ). Service requirements, tender information, service providers and […]

Blockchain game Decentraland, Second Life and the future of the virtual world

Editor's Note: The original title was "Decentraland, Second Life and the Future of the Virtual World" There is an online virtual world called "Second Life" that was once famous. At that time, an avatar user named "Zhong Anshe" earned more than 1 million US dollars by operating virtual real estate, which became a business. The […]

The central bank's digital currency pilot, what is the fun of speculating coins-the four misunderstandings of the currency circle to DCEP

Article 丨 Mutual Chain Pulse · Yuanshang The screenshot of the Central Bank Digital Currency (DCEP) that has been tested in the Agricultural Bank of China shocked the currency circle. Some said that it could be exchanged with BTC (Bitcoin); some said that the stable currency that anchored DCEP was coming out; A lot of […]

Agricultural Bank of China said that digital currency will proceed in an orderly manner under the unified arrangement of the central bank

Author: Xiu MU Source: According to media reports, the Agricultural Bank of China has released a mobile phone test application that can support the People ’s Bank of China (PBoC) digital currency project. "Daily Economic News" reporters asked multiple bankers for proof of this news. An agricultural banker told reporters that the digital currency […]

Jianan Yunzhi's performance has increased, or is missing the best time for "mining shift"

Article 丨 Mutual Chain Pulse · Liangshan Huarong On the evening of April 9, Jia Nan Yunzhi, who landed on Nasdaq less than half a year, issued his first "transcript." According to the 2019 financial performance report (unaudited) released by Jianan Yunzhi, the company's annual operating income is about US $ 204 million (about RMB1.423 […]

Onion model of blockchain security: additional security is added at each layer

Author: DeribitMarket Research Translation: Zi Ming Source: Crypto Valley Editor's Note: The original title was "The Onion Model of Blockchain Security" According to experience, public chains are safe. In most of their history, they have successfully achieved their design goals, that is, processing transactions without any errors. This is indeed the fact we observed, but […]

A picture of the central bank's digital currency DCEP "Past Life and Life"

The central bank's digital currency is ready again! On April 15th, it was reported that the central bank digital currency DCEP, led by the People's Bank of China, had begun internal testing at the Agricultural Bank of China. A screenshot of the internal test wallet confirms the guess that the external central bank digital currency […]

Financial decentralization: Can DeFi replace traditional finance?

Luo Tao, Chief Compliance Advisor of Global Blockchain Compliance Alliance, lawyer of Taihetai (Beijing) Law Firm, Over the centuries, intermediaries have played a vital role in reducing transaction costs and expanding transactions, helping both parties to establish trust, negotiate contracts, and finally conclude transactions. However, this powerful power has also triggered a monopoly on […]

See how this 80-year-old coffee brand has fun with blockchain

Nestlé, the world's largest food producer, announced that it will join IBM's Food Trust Blockchain Initiative and extend its use of blockchain technology to the company's luxury coffee brand, Zoégas. Nestlé launched a selected version of the Zoégas brand and roasted and ground coffee in Sweden. The "Summer 2020" series is a blend of 100% […]

Popular Science | Use the overlay to change the format of the Ethereum state tree

Author: Guillaume Ballet Translation & Proofreading: Pei Qi & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts The way that accounts and contracts store data is one of the many issues affecting Ethereum. The Ethereum protocol chose Merkle Patricia Tree (MPT, Merkel Patricia Tree) to organize account and contract data. Although this data structure works well in theory, […]