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April 12th market analysis: BTC triple top is established, the main short-term adjustment target position exposure

Before we gave the trend of two bitcoins, we would have expected to choose to break through. As a result, the face of the market is playing too fast. The main force chooses to make a triple top and then quickly kills it. The rate of decline is very fast, but we I believe that […]

Without a standard framework, how does an international club audit digital assets?

The world's top accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has launched Vulcan digital asset services as early as November 2016, and current digital assets still face many challenges such as categorization, valuation, auditing, and future technology development. In response to these questions, at the HashKey 2019 Digital Assets Global Summit co-sponsored by HashKey Group and the Universal Blockchain […]

Copyright 殇: the original author's way of defending rights, and the possibility of blockchain technology

Copyright is a protracted war, and the topic of copyright has never been broken: Known as the defender of the netizen, I am thinking about it and the original author of "The Biography of the Book" is a rumored death. Caixin reporter Wang Heyan questioned the "washing manuscript" of "Gan Chai Inferior Fire" and ignited […]

OpenSea User Guide: As a DApp player, you better know this

A few days ago, a group of friends sent a screenshot like this: Ink thought, Nani, 1.5 ETH? Isn't this the half of my service in the encryption hero? I also have ink, can I sell 1.5 ETH? So Moh opened this magical website, known as OpenSea for "blockchain game eBay". In short, OpenSea is […]

Babbitt column | Development opportunities for distributed business organizations

Industrial production has spawned modern enterprises, achieving economies of scale and improving product quality. Unlike traditional, self-employed, old-fashioned production methods, modern companies separate ownership and management. Under the management's convening, organization and management, the relevant production factors such as capital, technology, talents, materials, etc. are efficiently combined to manufacture and provide cheap products or services, […]

V God plays freestyle! The essence of the 5th Ethereum core coffee in Sydney is all here! | Direct EDCON

On April 11th, EDCON 2019, the most watched series of the Ethereum open source technology community, was held at the International Conference Center (ICC) in Sydney. EDCON is sponsored by the Ethereum community member Ling Ti Technology and is held annually in different countries . As one of the most watched technical conferences in the […]

Don't know lightning network? Zero-based can also be read by professional interpretation

In January of this year, the Bitcoin Lightning Network launched a “Torch Pass” experiment, which quickly ignited on Twitter – it lasted more than 80 days, experienced 275 people, crossed 6 continents, and eventually evolved into a world. Level phenomenon. This massively encrypted network trust transmission activity has attracted the participation of all walks of […]

Interview with Babbitt | The first case of "The Balance Chain" was released, and the blockchain really landed in the judicial field.

On April 9, the first judgment of the Beijing Internet Court using the "balance chain" evidence was released. Interestingly, the Beijing Internet Court was established on September 9, 2018. Now, after more than half a year, the first case of the judicial chain was born. Why is this? The “balance chain” is an open platform […]

Market Analysis: BTC's high pressure and accurate rebound, LTC has already told us the script

Foreseeable BTC market: high altitude pressure, accurate rebound [BTC trend resumption] I saw my friend who analyzed the market article on April 10th. I mentioned that the BTC triangle converged, the main route that may appear – BTC broke the position and reached the upper pressure zone. The price reached the rebound position near 4950. […]

Visual China ignites copyright dispute: infringement is difficult to cure, blockchain technology is to be solved

Today, Visual China was besieged, and the black hole photo triggered a series of images to question the copyright. After the Communist Youth League Central Committee, Suning Ali Baidu and other well-known companies have been filming and @视觉中国影像. Pictures are from the network screenshot The issue of copyright has always been a difficult bone, and […]