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The Brazilian Internal Revenue Service requires citizens to report all cryptocurrency transactions, and unreported people will face fines

According to Cointelegraph, starting on August 1, Brazilian citizens are obliged to report their cryptocurrency transactions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). (Source: Pixabay ) Brazilian entities must report all encrypted transactions Transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin must be reported to the IRS in accordance with the rules established by the 1888 Code Directive […]

Libra has not yet launched a large number of fake web pages, and Swiss regulators require Libra to provide more information.

Before Libra was officially launched, there were already many fake accounts and fraudulent websites. The Swiss Privacy Agency requires more information about Libra. After the Libra hearing at the Senate and House of Representatives last week, David Block, head of the Facebook blockchain, said Libra would not launch until all issues were resolved. According to […]

IRS: will give priority to issuing cryptocurrency tax guidance

According to Cointelegraph's May 21 report, according to a recent letter from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the agency will give priority to issuing cryptocurrency tax guidance. (Source: flickr ) The US Internal Revenue Service’s letter was issued at the request of 21 members of Congress including Tom Emmer, who previously asked the IRS […]

Babbitt Column | Deng Jianpeng: The Future of Blockchain Supervision

I. Reflection on regulatory policies At present, China's regulatory supervision of blockchains has been achieved through the issuance of administrative normative documents by regulatory agencies. In general, these normative documents have certain effects on the one hand to control the risk in the blockchain field. On the other hand, the current regulation is only implemented […]

Babbitt Column | Legal Risks in "Industrial Cannabis + Blockchain" Investment

According to the author: "Industrial cannabis" + "blockchain" combination is one of the hot spots of traditional capital market and blockchain. For market hotspots, investors should have at least a three-point risk awareness if they have a strong investment enthusiasm. Since the beginning of this year, the market has ignited an industrial leprosy, and various […]

Where does the wind come from? Blockchain Global Regulatory Insights | 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum

On May 17, the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, hosted by the Hangzhou Financial Office and hosted by Babbitt, was held in Hangzhou. In the roundtable forum on the theme of “Where is the wind coming from – blockchain global regulatory insights”, Liu Xiaolei, director of the finance department of Peking University Guanghua School […]

Deng Jianpeng: Comprehensive thinking on the predicament of blockchain supervision

I. Introduction The blockchain is a technology with de-trust (which can be executed without the need for third-party trusted organizations), value-programmable (can set smart contracts) and decentralized features, and its potential value is difficult to estimate. [1] In the previous research, the author pointed out that as a great innovation in the field of information […]

The SEC issues regulatory guidelines: such digital currency is not a "securities"

The road to compliance with digital assets has taken another big step forward. Over the past 11 months, the Florida startup TurnKeyJet finally received a letter of no objection from the US Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) Corporate Finance Department on the issue of tokens. (Note: This type of letter indicates that the […]

Babbitt Column | US Prosecution Investigative Exchange and Precautions

(For more details, see also Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “Intermediary Chain Supervision and Compliance Response”, Mechanical Industry Press, 2019) I. Investigating agencies' investigation intentions and briefs Since the beginning of 2019, virtual currency exchanges have sent news from time to time – some exchanges are crazy to brush; some exchanges have heavy insider trading; some […]

Research on the Institute of Information and Communication: Progress and Thinking on the Regulation and Legislation of Blockchain Technology in the United States

In addition to being applied to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchains are considered to have other broad application potentials and help to operate cost-effectively and safely. In recent years, the US government has been closely watching the development of blockchain technology and has carried out pilot projects and proof of concept in various government departments. […]