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The first long-term supported version, Hyperledger launches Fabric v1.4 LTS

Recently, Hyperledger (superbook) has launched a new version of Fabric v1.4 LTS, this version is its first long-term support version (Note: Extended Support Release – "ESR", is Mozilla specifically for those who can't or not For those who want to upgrade every six weeks, for those who care about the alliance chain and technology, you […]

Technical Guide | Ethereum Wallet Development: Wallet Address Generation Process

Course objectives Understand what is a segregation testimony Transaction address type Programming Practice: Generating Isolated Witness Addresses You may wonder, what impact does this segregation test have on the development of our bitcoin wallet? Then you will know. First, what is the isolation testimony Segregated Witness is called SegWit , short for Segregated Witness. Isolation […]

The Uncle Block of the Ethereum Reward Mechanism (Part 2)

As mentioned in the previous article, the three factors of reward reduction, mining difficulty coefficient, and daily generation of ordinary blocks do not directly affect the number of uncle block /second block. Next, we will increase the user fee from the fee. The three dimensions of the number, daily trading volume and Gas consumption are […]

Dry goods | read the solidity programming

Source | Solidity Programming Author | Ritesh Modi Editor | George Produced | Blockchain Base Camp (blockchain_camp) The concept of Solidity's grammar was first proposed by Gavin Wood in 2014, and later by the Ethereum team Solidity led by Christian Reitwiessner. The language is one of five languages ​​designed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) […]

Bitcoin Lightning Network: Micro Payment Channel

The lightning network is based on the micro-payment channel. To understand that the lightning network must first understand the micro-payment channel. Let's discuss the process of establishing a micropayment channel. Consider the following scenario: A is the user, B is a data provider, and B needs to send a 100G big data file to A […]

Uncle of the Ethereum Reward Mechanism (middle)

As mentioned in the last article, Ethereum has experienced two block award reductions, and the block rate has increased significantly after the first reward reduction. Below we will statistically analyze the impact of the block size reduction, the mining difficulty coefficient, and the daily generation of the common block on the uncle block rate (the […]

Project combat: Bitcoin charge and withdrawal integration

Recently, I have done a bitcoin charging and testing function. As a technology enthusiast, I have no previous experience in this area. It is difficult to find suitable information on the Internet, so I explored a demo and wrote this article. The idea may not be mature enough. In the real production environment, more considerations […]

Ethereum trading fee is too high? Teach you how to set up a transfer miner fee

There is a paragraph that does not count as a paragraph: If you want to know if it is a bull market now, let’s see if the Ethereum network is congested. However, what is embarrassing is that the bear market is still far away, and the Ethereum network is blocked. Not only is the transaction transfer […]