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Facebook’s issue of stable currency is likely to fail

On March 1, the New York Times reported that Facebook will issue coins in 2019, and the carbon chain value was first translated in the Chinese community. Whether it is for the blockchain industry or the financial industry, Facebook currency is a big deal. However, at our “Carbon” salon, Gu Yanxi, a stable currency scholar, believes that […]

Vitalik: Radical Market, ZK, Privacy and more

Editor’s Note: This article is a translation of the EthTrader Communiity video interview organized by Kobe van Reppelen, interviewed by Vitalik. This translation only selects some questions. The video address and the full interview are attached at the end of the article. General problem Q: What do you think about the entire cryptocurrency community? On my side, it […]

Interview with She Knows|Exclusive dialogue network project TOP Network, Fetch.AI, IEO will continue to fire?

On April 2nd, the second season of Babit's first-community interactive interview column, She Knows, was launched. The topic of the dialogue was "IEO big analysis second half: project side Huashan sword". We have invited two current "Net Red" projects, they are the first TOP Network co-founder and CEO of the Huobi Prime project, Wei Songxiang, […]

Interview with She Knows | Dialogue with IEO Exchange: Really Disguised ICO? Is it going to be a chicken feather? Faced with compliance risks?

Today, we don't tell lies! On April 1st, Babit's first community interactive interview column, She Knows, opened in the second quarter. This issue is a special issue for April Fool's Day. The discussion topic is "IEO big analysis first half: exchange peak dialogue", we invited ZB Vice President Aurora, Gate Founder Lin, Coin CMO Xiong […]