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After halving, the cost of Shuanghua BCH and BSV is less than US $ 10,000? There are two major misunderstandings

As BCH and BSV have completed halving the output, and the computing power of related networks has plummeted, the topic of 51% attacks has been discussed again, and some people will quote data from crypto51 or NiceHash to demonstrate the need to attack these networks. the cost of. As shown in the figure above, the […]

Anti-51% attack: Harvard MIT scholar proposes new theory of fighting double spend

Written ahead: 51% attacks have occurred in the blockchain world many times in history, and they all happened on small coins. According to researchers at Harvard University and MIT, they have observed 40 reorganization attacks. I also saw possible cases of counterattacks. In February 2020, multiple rounds of attack between attackers and defenders appeared on […]

Can 51% attacks be finally eliminated? Ethereum founder Vitalik proposes a new concept for this

A 51% attack is an attack on a blockchain organized by a group of miners who control more than half of the computing power. Now God V has come up with a way to stop them! A 51% attack can be very harmful to the blockchain because this attack can completely prevent new transactions from […]

What laws could be violated by launching a 51% attack?

Source: Medium Author: Josh Lawler Compilation: First Class 51% of attacks are equivalent to terrorist attacks in the blockchain world. Attackers will not only bring some direct threats (illegal use of the blockchain), but also some indirect hazards, such as seriously undermining public confidence in the attacked blockchain, and even affecting people outside the circle […]

51% of attacks will increase the value of ETH? See how Vitalik explains the security of Casper FFG

In response to the security of the Casper FFG Consensus Agreement, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik wrote: “(Note: After the application of the Casper FFG Consensus Agreement in Ethereum), in either case, 51% of the attacks are a happy moment for the (Ethereum) community, because it wants to cause 1 day or 1 week of damage, The […]

Blockchain entry | Blockchain 51% power attack is not so terrible

In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is not uncommon to encounter many concepts and expressions that have never been seen before, and to truly understand their meaning. In this article, I will try to uncover the mystery of one of the concepts, the famous 51% attack. 51% of attacks are inseparable from other […]

Viewpoint | On the safety budget of Bitcoin

This article aims to explore the ability of Bitcoin to withstand 51% of attacks (ie, Bitcoin's "safe budget"). The fierce competition between miners makes it impossible for the system to collect transaction fees from a network sufficient to maintain a secure budget, so we should get transaction fees from all payment markets. This article is […]

Launching 51% of attacks to stop evil, is this choice reliable?

Recently, two bitcoin cash (BCH) pools launched a 51% attack on this blockchain, apparently to reverse a miner's trade. This move is related to the hard fork of the BCH network on May 15. The two tanks, and, took this action to prevent unknown miners from taking away coins that did not belong […]

Six of the most notorious 51% attacks: the survival of the fittest is the jungle law of cryptocurrency

Encrypted digital currency based on proof of work solves the problem of General Byzantine and allows nodes of a decentralized network to coordinate with each other, even if some nodes may do evil. However, this also created a way of attacking the digital currency for the proof of workload: 51% attack. In 51% of attacks, […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is a 51% power attack?

Concerned about the bitcoin's small partners, I must have heard 51% of the power to attack the word, what does it mean, what kind of "bad things" can be done after launching this kind of attack? Today, I will briefly introduce the 51% of the power attack related matters. In the Bitcoin white paper, there […]