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Global market stampede panic plunges: bitcoin has been bloodbathed, and the blockchain sector has plummeted

Author: Li Mao Source: Hong Kong Caihua News Agency Recently, the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia has intensified, and panic in the market has erupted collectively. US stocks plunged nearly 10% yesterday, the biggest one-day drop since 1987. According to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the top 15 richest people in the world lost […]

Babbitt Column | Why Coins Rise and Fall Together?

Both rising and falling are obvious characteristics of the currency circle. What is this? Stocks also often go up and down, especially A shares. The global economy sometimes goes up and down. However, the price direction of currency assets is very synchronized, much more synchronized than other assets. This year (2020), the new crown virus […]

A shares should not be too optimistic, BTC medium-term or expected

❖A shares ❖ Yesterday, when the A-share market opened, it recorded its largest decline in more than 4 years. The Shanghai Stock Index fell 7.72% at the opening. Yesterday's closing was slightly warmer than the opening. The Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2716.7 and closed at 2746.61, up 1.1%. Today, the opening was down 2.23% […]

A-share rat opened 3,000 shares in the year, and Bitcoin hit a 90-day high. Buy shares or buy coins?

On February 3, A shares ushered in the first trading day after the Lunar New Year. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened unexpectedly and opened lower. The Shanghai index opened at 2716.67, plunging 8.73%; the Shenzhen component index opened at 9706.58, plunging 9.13%; Of the more than […]

More than 70% of the 58 blockchain companies are happy to report that 13 of them are expected to double their net profit

Source: Securities Daily Trainee reporter Ren Shibi On January 14, 8 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued guidance on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of service outsourcing. By 2035, the average annual output value of China's service outsourcing employees will reach the world's leading level. Support the development of information technology outsourcing. The research […]

Blockchain ecological "river and lake": are listed companies developing technologies or hot spots?

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Every time there was correspondent Jin Wei edited every level of government red At present, the development of blockchain can be said to be standing at the "wind vent". China has always attached great importance to the development of blockchain technology. As early as December 2016, blockchain was written into […]

Dismantling Zhongying Interconnected E-State Interaction Lawyer Bureau

Source: Securities Times, the original title "Information broke in court! Mining giant fell out with this A-share company, actually led to the" red wanted "boss" Author: Zangxiao Song Ren Xiao Ran At the end of 2019, the listed company Zhongying Interconnect (002464) and the global mining machine giant Zhejiang Yibang United staged a blockchain “mining […]

Zhongying Internet publicly claimed that it is preparing for the first of the A-share listed companies in the digital currency trading platform.

This article Source: Finance Network · Chain Finance , the original title "Save capital chain break risk A-share listed company public should prepare for the digital currency trading platform" Author: Chen On the afternoon of November 20th, Zhongying Internet (SZ: 002464), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, responded to users' questions and said […]

Xinhua News Agency: Some people deserve to be vigilant in the name of blockchain

Article source: Xinhua News Agency Reporter: Mao Zhenhua, Wang Yang, Pan Wei From behind the scenes to the stage, behind the blockchain technology, another "feast" is undercurrent. Hype the digital currency "cutting the leek", issuing "valueless currency" worthless, and using the blockchain banner to spread the scams… By the name of the blockchain, the swindling […]

Jianan will be listed, and these 20 A-share “mining concept stocks” will know in advance?

Source | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) 文 | 黄雪姣 Edit | Lu Xiaoming In the past two weeks, the mining industry has two good news. First, Jia Nanzhi, one of the three major mining machine manufacturers in the world, went public in the US; second, the Development and Reform Commission removed “mining” from “eliminating […]