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Blockchain farce of A-share listed company "Suiying Network"

The real controller was arrested and the blockchain department was “dissolved”. Once the Hurun Rich List was on the list, it is now in a state of paralysis. Three years ago, people were still feeling for Wang Yue to start on the Hurun Rich List. In a blink of an eye, Wang Yue went from […]

Facebook's "currency" A-share blockchain concept stocks are red and multi-party questioning Libra is a big risk

On June 18th, Facebook's long-established cryptocurrency project Libra white paper was released, and plans to launch the cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, which means that Facebook, with 2.6 billion active users, officially entered the currency circle, and social media giants joined. The coin circle is boiling. It is interesting to note that on Facebook's “currency” news, […]

The digital currency in the eyes of economists – market articles: will there be no leek in the currency circle?

The digital currency in the eyes of economists – Classification: Bitcoin with no place for souls [Editor's note] Faced with the new challenges of digital currency , economists are divided into two categories, one is scornful, and it is not worth mentioning that digital currency is a speculative bubble; the other is cautiously accepted and […]

A shares: I want to add blockchain, supervision: you can stop

How these companies "+ blockchain", the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are also very curious. Blockchain gives A shares "pull", is it still useful? On the evening of May 26th (Sunday), Ceres (stock code: 603716) announced a partnership with the ant blockchain for blockchain + medical related applications. The next day, the […]