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Proof of capacity PoC: Or will "recreate a PoW"? The new project Lava is about to come out

Why is PoW currency still able to be widely recognized when PoW is widely recognized for its energy consumption and power monopoly? The new consensus mechanism emerges in an endless stream (especially with the two rights-based consensuses of PoS and DPoS) and the challenges are repeated. Do you account for more than 70% of the […]

Inventory | What are the main blockchain applications in the medical industry?

In the past few years, some industries have found the benefits of integrating blockchain technology into their day-to-day operations, and the medical industry is no exception. In a 2016 IBV survey, it was pointed out that “blockchain medical groups” seem to be accelerating the adoption of blockchain, even ahead of the financial services industry. The […]

Staking new gameplay: the currency of the lock can also be sold

People go in the currency circle, how can they not be covered? Before being shackled by Algorand, Chen Jiaming was also caught by Iris' 21-day unlocking mechanism. Comparing the two, Chen Jiaming is even more annoyed at the latter. "Algorand is wrong because he made a mistake. He mistakenly used scrap copper as gold. I […]

Fast broadcast Wang Xinxin APP "Ling Ge" came out, is the blockchain still a gimmick?

If you feel that you are still owing a good "member" to the founder Wang Xin, then the opportunity to repay the account is coming again. Recently, an app called “Lingge” created by Wang Xin is gaining popularity. This is another blockchain + product of Wang Xin after the blockchain social app “Toilet MT”. At […]

Blockchain Weekly | Who is the basis of the blockchain: public chain or AWS?

Guide AWS service failures trigger a chain reaction, and AWS is the most important infrastructure for the blockchain? Summary Topic: On August 23, 2019, Binance issued a notice stating that Binance's recharge and withdrawal functions were suspended due to the failure of some network service providers. In addition to Binance, there are a number of […]

Encrypting the world's largest "net red" Telegram blockchain is coming soon

Today, according to PRWeb, Telewall-based encrypted wallet application Button Wallet launched its first free cryptocurrency test site on Telegram Open Networ (TON). In the past two years, this blockchain network red project with multiple titles such as “Finance Max”, “Block Chain 3.0” and “300 million users” is finally going to be online in October, and […]