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Getting started with blockchain|What is SPV verification? It is enough to read this.

Source: Medium Translation: First Class (First.VIP) Simple Payment Verification (SPV) is a system outlined in the original Bitcoin white paper that enables a light client (a wallet running on a low-end system) to verify that a transaction has been packaged into the Bitcoin blockchain. In this way, verify the authenticity of a payment. This is […]

In addition to Ping An’s account, what other companies that are “blockchain” will be listed?

Author: Yuxin Chen Source: Zinc Link (ID: xinlianjie-) There are very few listed companies in the blockchain, and the new policy dividends, the industry or spring. According to the Eastern Fortune Choice data, there are 194 companies in the blockchain concept sector, but the blockchain is not its main business. The so-called blockchain listed companies, […]

Opinion: Does the whale drive the bitcoin bull market on its own?

Foreword: A few days ago, some people analyzed that the bitcoin bull market in 2017 was driven by a big whale. So is it actually so? Welcome everyone to discuss. The author of this article is Elaine Ou, translated by the "TS" of the "Blue Fox Notes" community. It is not easy to become a […]

Getting started with blockchain | The total amount of Bitcoin is constant at 21 million. What should I do after I finish the excavation?

Author | Sanli Produced|Baihua blockchain (ID: hellobtc) In the recent message, many newcomers are asking Bitcoin to halve in about four years. What should I do after I finish the excavation? Where does the miner reward come from, and what is the reward? What if the total amount is not enough? Today we will talk […]

Exploring the value of blockchain application (1): How to change the collaborative relationship?

With the country's admiration for blockchain technology, thousands of households have begun to pay attention to this technology. For most small businesses, the blockchain seems to be far away from itself, but if you don't use this vent, break through traditional production. The model will face the risk of being eliminated by the times. When […]

Understanding the General Secretary Xi Jinping's Speech on Blockchain Technology from a Technical Perspective

[Editor's Note] According to Xinhua News Agency, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the status quo and trend of blockchain technology development on the afternoon of October 24. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an […]

List | "Global Top20 Encryption Fund Rankings" Secret

Summary Traditionally, hedge funds act as investment funds, attracting funds from institutional investors and investing in portfolios. Investment commodities are generally stocks and bonds. In contrast, encrypted hedge funds, as emerging investment funds in recent years, are mainly cryptocurrencies. With the development of blockchain and encryption assets, the encryption fund has achieved a yield of […]

Preparing for the main online line: a quick overview of Libra node operation guide

The writer is Bison Trails, a blockchain architecture company member of the Libra Association. In this article, Bison Trails shares the preparations that Libra node operators can do to run the verifier and the full node, and gives three recommendations. As a member of the Libra Association, Bison Trails gained an in-depth experience running the […]

Jianan past events: floating up and down eight years, or become the first mining machine stocks

Text: Qin Xiaofeng Produced by: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Editor's Note: The original title is "Jia Nan Past" On October 28th, local time, mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan Zhizhi submitted an IPO prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Despite the lack of familiarity, blockchain practitioners who have recently been “named” by the […]

Take Ripple Coin (XRP) as an example to understand how big the international cross-border remittance of blockchain is.

Ripple's mathematicians have completed a study and came to the conclusion that in the cross-border payment process, the use of Ripple (XRP) is 10 times more secure than fiat money, and the volatility is only It is one tenth of the legal currency. Breanne Madigan, head of Ripple's global institutional market, refuted the "unfounded criticism" […]