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QKL123 market analysis | short-term V-shaped rebound, the market fell slightly (1101)

Abstract: So far, the market has retreated slightly, and Bitcoin has performed relatively strong, and XLM has clearly increased. Yesterday's news, fermenting President Trump's impeachment case, gold has risen in a short time, but at present it is unlikely to be impeached. According to QKL123 statistics, at 13:00 on November 1, 2019, the total market […]

Coinbase: The number of Bitcoin users in the US has reached 27 million

According to the 11th anniversary Bitcoin Day report released by Coinbase, the US digital asset trading platform, the number of US users currently using Bitcoin has exceeded the maximum supply of Bitcoin by 21 million. (Bitcoin daily active address, picture from Coinbase) The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency company estimates that about 27 million Americans used bitcoin […]

Goddess, KOL, Super Awards – Wuzhen, Babbitt and "TA" friends are coming!

In the blockchain era, traffic is king. If a meeting is "not good at seeing propaganda and not looking at security", it is the passing line of judging the holding of conference activities in the last century, then the word "flow" is a special rule for evaluating today's international large-scale events. . On November 8-9, […]

Babbitt Column | Bitcoin White Paper 11th Anniversary: ​​Here are 11 amazing common sense about Bitcoin

Author: Liu teaches chain Source: Liu Jiao Chain Editor's Note: The original title is "Today is the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper, and here are 11 amazing common sense about Bitcoin." Today is the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper. Here are 11 amazing common sense about Bitcoin. 1. The total amount of bitcoin […]

The peak moment of the blockchain

Text: 霆钧 On October 24th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the status quo and trend of blockchain technology development. The core purpose is to make the blockchain an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies and accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and industry. Innovation […]

Let the data speak: the world has shifted from digital tokens to digital currency

Recently, there have been too many changes in the blockchain world. Whether it is good or bad, the hearings on the other side of the ocean, the filing of the Chinese management department, and the industrial development policy are all inseparable from Libra on Facebook. June 18, 2019 is a The turning point in the […]

The blockchain has been adjusted again and the multi-shares have risen. What are the “chain-bearing” of 89 A-share concept stocks?

Article source: Cailian Union original title: "The blockchain was once again adjusted to increase the number of 89 A-share concept stocks who have "chain chain" high? 》 On October 24th, the central government conducted collective learning on the status quo and trends of blockchain technology development. According to industry analysts, this means that the central […]

A ladder is needed between the value gaps.

On October 24, 2019, it was a milestone in the progress of human civilization. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee stressed on the afternoon of October 24 that we should use the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. At such an important historical moment, as every practitioner, you should […]

Bitcoin vs. US Dollar: Who has value support?

Author: Parker Lewis Compilation: Orange Book Contrary to mainstream thinking, Bitcoin actually has some kind of value support. Like any form of currency, this support is the only support: the credibility of its currency attributes. Money is not a collective illusion, nor a system of beliefs. In the course of history, various media have appeared […]

Viewing the Status Quo of Blockchain from "Byzantine Compassion" and the original sin of Nakamoto

Author: village two old "Byzantine Compassion" is the work of Mr. Liu Yukun, which is included in the "Twelve Tomorrows" science fiction series. He was highly recommended by Mr. Liu Cixin, the author of "Three-body". The blockchain industry often refers to the words “byzantine generals” and “byzantine fault tolerance.” This science fiction novel, called Byzantine […]