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The witness said: I participated in the Wuzhen Conference last year, why did you want to come this year?

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said: People cannot step into the same river twice. Different moods, different times, different people. Even in a familiar place, there will be different experiences. On November 8-9, 2019, the second world blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt, Wuzhen, will be held. After a year, the blockchain world has already […]

Interview with Cao Jing: Compliance, Localization and Traffic Integration, Exchange Status and Future

On October 19th, at the 1st anniversary of the exchange, Jingwei China Partner Harry, Sequoia Capital Partner Wang Hao, and FBG founder Zhou Shuoji appeared as investors and attended the round table. Cao Jing, co-founder and CEO of BitMax Exchange, and Ni Kuang, partner of DFG Crypto, discussed the current status and future […]

Blockstream CEO Adam Back: Bitcoin sidechain may destroy competitive coins

Adam Back, an early cryptocurrency developer and cryptographer, gave a speech on the bitcoin sidechain during a public event. He believes that the side chain may make many competitive coins appear redundant. Five years ago today, a white paper on the bitcoin sidechain was released. Back 1997, before the birth of Bitcoin, Back had invented […]

The cryptocurrency developer 108 will (1): the craftsmen who hide behind the code

Author: True Satoshi Editor's Note: The original title is: cryptocurrency developer 108 will (first period) The article summarizes the first three installments of the series "Developers in Crypto" from the Coincodecap blog (ie August-October), and selects the characters to be screened because I think he may have brought a bit of private goods, because although […]

Suspected fraud or trading volume is zero? Inventory the reasons why the year's encryption project disappeared

As Halloween approaches, exploring the cemetery of the cryptocurrency industry seems to be an opportune time. Even in such a young industry as encryption, many projects have disappeared, and sites like Coinopsy and DeadCoins have also provided autopsy reports from netizens. For fun, we did some mining of Coinopsy's data and learned more about the […]

Does Tether manipulate the market?

As an important part of the encryption ecosystem, Tether's stable currency USDT market value is currently ranked fourth, and it accounts for more than 80% of the stable currency market. However, the company has been controversial all the time: inflated stable currency, no asset support; manipulated the market, affected the price movement of cryptocurrency (BTC); […]

Cross-border big frame: C-position of "emerging" station, "classical" sides

On October 14th, the cross-border squatting group took a photo with a screen chain and two coins. At the closed-door summit of Dragonfly Crypto Summit in Beijing, Shen Nanpeng, Feng Bo and the founder of the US group Wang Xing stood on both sides, in the middle of the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Among the […]

A number of mining machines approached the shutdown line, and only half a year later, the mining machine has to sell it?

Since the start of the secondary market in April this year, the mining industry, which has been suspended for one year, has been completely awakened. The miners have reported a retaliatory rebound in the currency circle. The real data is that within half a year, Bitcoin's total network computing power has broken from 38EH to […]

I understand the current status of blockchain games: To what extent is it going to happen, will there be hope in the future?

Foreword: In addition to currency and finance, the blockchain field has always attracted attention. From the beginning of encryption cats, it has ignited people's enthusiasm for blockchain games. However, due to user experience and scalability issues, blockchain games have been on a smaller scale, so to what extent is the current blockchain game going? Will […]

In Devcon 5, Osaka, I saw Ethereum's diverse DeFi ecology.

Devcon5 is over, it's time to write a review! This time Tmono took me and Tina, Feng Liu, Cao and Suji to a group to go to Ethereum Devcon5. The ticket is a discount ticket for the book before the old days, but in fact, it is not expensive to buy a few days before […]