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Introduction to Blockchain | Cryptography in Bitcoin: Fundamentals of Digital Signature and Transfer

Let's take a step by step, let's take the easiest email as an example. Now A sends an email to B. This email is encrypted. According to the principle of public key encryption, which is the principle of asymmetric encryption, B is the email. Then, A encrypts the email with the public key of B. […]

Wang Xing Mi will V Shen Shen Nanpeng, the US group "touch chain" fire cooking oil

On October 14th, Dragonfly Capital蜻蜓 organized a meeting in Beijing. The heat of a photo from the scene overshadowed the meeting itself, because in this photo, there are not only Sequoia Capital, Shen Nanpeng, and Ether. Fang Shentong V God, there is a topic person who has never appeared in the currency conference – the […]

Market Weekly | Market recovery last week lost ground, countries have frequently regulated the blockchain industry

Weekly summary A total of nine projects were closed last week, and the total soft top of the project exceeded $18.6 million. Last week, the average daily market value of global digital money assets was 226.635 billion US dollars, up 3.20%, and the average daily trading volume was 58.339 billion US dollars, up 20.56%. Last […]

Why is the blockchain so passionate about secure multiparty computing?

Secure multi-party computing is a very active area of ​​research in cryptography and is considered a good medicine for solving the problem of collaborative computing for privacy protection. Secure multi-party computing has the characteristics of input privacy, computational correctness and decentralization, which enables data to be kept private and used, thus releasing the great value […]

Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Data collaboration technology under the chain is an important direction for the development of the alliance chain

On October 12th, the "2019 CCF Blockchain Technology Conference" hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) was held in Chengdu. At the conference, Academician Chen Chun of the Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered a speech entitled “ Regulatory Challenges of Key Technologies and Blockchains in the Alliance Blockchain ”. Core view 1. The core of […]

Facebook is again "retired"! The Libra Association’s six payment industry members now have only one

According to The block, payment giants Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago also announced their withdrawal from the Facebook Libra project following PayPal's “return”. In response, a spokesperson for eBay said that eBay highly respects the Libra Association's vision, but eBay decided not to continue as a founding member. Currently, eBay is committed to […]

Quotes | BTC failed to gain a firm foothold, short-term market regression consolidation

Author | Hash sent analysis team

The Central Bank Digital Money Institute recruits and recruits! These graduate students have the opportunity

The Beijing News (Reporter Cheng Weimiao Chen Peng) On October 10, the central bank issued a notice of recruitment (recruitment) for the 2020 personnel recruitment of branches and affiliates on the official website. Among them, the Central Bank Digital Money Research Institute recruits 6 people, from 18 to 35 years old, is a full-time graduate […]

Monthly News | September global blockchain private equity financing projects fell by 39% from the previous month, the Chinese and American markets cooled sharply

In September 2019, the Sino-US blockchain private equity financing market “turned into the winter overnight”. According to statistics from the Mutual Chain Pulse Institute, in September 2019, a total of 39 financings were obtained in the global blockchain sector, a decrease of 39.06% from the previous quarter. The total financing amounted to approximately 1.026 billion […]

Forbes: Libra is "better PayPal" but not a better cryptocurrency

Facebook's proposed global digital currency, Libra, is actually a "another" payment system that can be seen as a better enhanced version of PayPal, but it's important to note that compared to Bitcoin or other mainstream cryptocurrencies, Libra does. Unlike, it is not a "free currency." Alex Karasulu, CEO and founder of OptDyn, commented on Libra, […]