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CPPCC member Jing Xiandong: Promote Zhejiang Digital Government Affairs Upgrade with Blockchain

Facing the accelerated innovation of digital government affairs across the country, how does Digital Zhejiang continue to lead the country? In the past, people searched for services and ran at most once. Is it possible to be more user-friendly in the future? "As soon as the child is born, judging the time of the baby's […]

Beijing government affairs service uses the blockchain. After reading these 7 questions, you will get started with the blockchain.

The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) Recently, the Politburo collectively studied the blockchain, making the blockchain once again a focus of attention. The reporter learned that some departments in Beijing have explored the application of blockchain technology to allow citizens to enjoy the convenience of new technologies in advance. So, what exactly is the blockchain? […]

Moved the city service to the blockchain, and Moscow’s government affairs work is promoted in this way.

According to Coindesk's August 15 report, the Russian capital Moscow is seeking to build a blockchain system to carry the city's administrative services. (Source: pixabay ) According to public media reports, the Moscow Ministry of Information Technology announced that it will hold a tender to establish a system based on Ethereum, which will carry various […]

Beixiong An, Nanfoshan: Blockchain Government Application C City Has Been Out | Blockchain Municipal Application

On July 6, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province launched Hainan's first blockchain + volunteer service project; on June 20th, Hangzhou Internet Court announced the launch of the first “5G+ blockchain” network implementation new model; June 13 On the same day, Guangzhou’s “Smart Bankruptcy Trial System” was launched, which included the nation’s first bankruptcy trial […]

Beijing Haidian District uses blockchain technology for the first time to break down information barriers

The "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Promotion of Examination and Approval Services" issued by the State Council Office last year clearly stated that the information islands should be broken, the types, standards, scope and processes of information sharing among various departments should be clearly defined, and the sharing of government affairs information and communication should […]

Jinan, Shandong: When the blockchain meets government service, it takes only one hour for the company to start.

A citizen submitted the materials, and in less than half an hour, he got a business license in front of his own terminal. (Photographing Song Cui) People's Daily Online Jinan, June 27 (Song Cui) "I didn't expect the staff to be so enthusiastic and thoughtful. I didn't expect the procedure to open the company so […]

Open up the second line of the governor and build a city of wisdom on the blockchain

“The first subway construction in London 160 years ago, the first time that Manhattan was built in 135 years ago, the urban brain will become a brand new urban infrastructure.” Two years ago, Wang Jian published a thought on the urban brain in People’s Daily. As the outlook is like. The urban brain has come […]