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Researcher's viewpoint at Renmin University of China: New currency ECO in West Africa and Central African countries may move towards digital currency

Source: China Financial News Network Editor's Note: Original title was "Europe's Negative Interest Rate Gives Birth to New African Currency" In the 10 years since the international financial crisis, interest rates have gradually become a watershed between developed and developing economies. Interest rates in developed countries have generally fallen, and even zero interest rates have […]

Cryptocurrencies behind Africa's economic "crash" have become a new battleground

It is undeniable that in the context of global economic development, Africa's economy and the Internet have made certain developments in recent years, but Africa's economic development has never set foot on the fast track. Lack of an independent monetary policy, severe inflation, undue return on foreign debt, continued armed conflicts, and poverty-stricken Africa are […]

Report|The annual growth rate of trading volume is over 130%, and the potential of the African cryptocurrency market is huge.

Overview Overview Since the currency system of most African countries is on the verge of collapse, the digital currency represented by BTC can help African users solve payment problems to a certain extent, so the market potential is huge. According to third-party data, African users averaged 17,351 bitcoin transactions per day, which increased the volume […]

From 9.3% to 1%, what does the blockchain-based transfer method bring to Africa?

Remittances have become the lifeblood of many people in sub-Saharan Africa, but the cost of remittances through banks and remittance operators remains high. According to the World Bank's latest report in 2019, sending an equivalent of $200 to the region requires an average of 9.3% of the remittance, which is quite high globally. However, when […]