Articles of Airdrop

This weekend, the EOS network was blocked by an airdrop.

On November 9, Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, pointed out that the EOS blockchain was blocked due to EIDOS airdrops. EOS blocked because of an airdrop Coinbase posted on its blog that the exchange was having trouble dealing with customer transactions due to EOS network congestion caused by EIDOS airdrops. Since then, Coinbase hopes to solve […]

Demystifying the airdrop ecology of “nothing to be born”: Some people bought a house, and some people got nothing.

In the blockchain space, startups typically don't discover gold for employees, but offer airdrops or bonuses to fans who want to earn a few dollars through the program. By hiring a large number of reviewers, professionally making emoticons, and forwarding Twitter people and video bloggers to promote the network, startups have created a lively situation […]

The small BM slipped faster than the BM, and the ENU founder “killed” the project and called for the 砸

On August 1st, Aiden Pearce, the founder of Enumivo (ENU), who was once known as the "first coin in the currency circle" announced the project suicide, immediately canceled the Telegram community account and called on investors to sell ENU. Enumivo's official website shows "Enumivo is dead, sell your ENU, never buy ENU. The whole project […]

The founder left, the market value shrank by more than 300 million, what happened to the first empty coin in the currency circle?

The founder left, the price of the currency plummeted, and the once empty coin ENU of the former currency circle is now facing the danger of "collapse". After the deep-chain financial investigation, it was found that the crisis of ENU was caused by the irreconcilable contradiction between the founder and the super node, and the […]