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The auction was suspended. How did Algorand’s 200 million mortgage reward scheme be launched?

On August 6, the Algorand Foundation announced the launch of the staking mortgage incentive program, which plans to allocate 200 million Algos to the entire Algorand community as a collateral reward, while the Dutch auction will be suspended this quarter. In this rewards program, each Algo participating in each of the participating participants will receive […]

The quilt cover for 40 days, the Algorand photographed by investors can finally be solved in advance.

Algorand, the Turing Award winner, once again screened the currency, but this time it was not a "pizza cut". On June 19th, Algorand Holland auctioned tokens, and the main exchange opened on the same day. The ALGO token price soared to $4.2. When everyone started to revel, ALGO ran all the way, falling to a […]

Algorand announced an early repurchase, Algo rose 45% in a short time

On August 2, the Algorand Foundation officially announced that it would offer early refund options for early auction participants. Users who purchase tokens in the first auction can return tokens to the Foundation's designated wallet address from 8:00 (SGT) to August 9th on August 2nd. The Foundation will refund 85% of the price ($2.04) settled […]

I was killed by Algo…

Every so-called Token Economy is just a financial game before it falls. It has been more than a month since the first Dutch auction in Algorand, and the second round of Dutch auctions is still in the foreseeable… In recent days, Algorand has frequently released good news, which seems to be warming up for the […]

Video|"8" Turing Award winner, AIgorand founder Silvio: Solving new problems is more important than solving historical problems

On June 12, 2019, the founder of Algorand, Professor of MIT, Professor of the National Academy of Sciences and Turing Prize winner Silvio Micali, accepted an interview with Babbitt's "8 Questions" before the Beijing meeting. Silvio talks about Algorand's next development plan, including the Vault technology that will be used to solve blockchain storage problems, […]