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What happened to Polkadot and Filecoin futures, once the Uranus-level project IOU?

Source / LongHash At the beginning of 2020, the most anticipated star projects are Poca and Filecoin. At least 10 exchanges have listed DOT's IOU futures. With the IPFS test online, miners have already sharpened their hearts. IOU stands for I owe you, which means "I owe you". The exchange sells futures with no online […]

Asset on-chain practice: how the emerging public chain Algorand 2.0 promotes real-world transactions with ASA

Author: LGC Source: Chain News Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. If Bitcoin's dream is a peer-to-peer currency system, then Ethereum's vision is "the world's computer." Around Ethereum, quite a few application scenarios have appeared in the past few years. From the enthusiasm caused by the […]

Public chain Algorand “opens” with few market communities

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance In a deteriorating market environment, the public chain Algorand (Algo) ushered in its first traditional corporate customer. On November 22nd, London-based World Chess announced that it will issue and sell "secure tokens" on the Algo public chain this week, which is expected to be equivalent to 4% to 6% […]

Algorand 2.0 released, providing standardized asset creation, atomic transfer and smart contracts in Layer 1.

On November 21st, the Algorand Foundation officially released Algorand's next-generation protocol upgrade. Algorand v2.0 provides standardized asset creation, atomic transfer and smart contracts directly in Layer 1, allowing developers to better leverage the scalability and security of the Algorand protocol. Enterprise-scale Dapp will be able to build on this PPoS (Pure proof-of-stake) blockchain without sacrificing […]

CTO phone is hacked, Algo Captial loses millions of cryptocurrencies

According to CoinDesk's October 6 report, Algo Capital, an investment company focused on the Algorand blockchain, has lost millions of dollars worth of USDT and Algo tokens after its CTO's cell phone was hacked. (Source: pixabay ) According to people familiar with the matter, Algo Capital reported to its partners last Friday that the company’s […]

The auction was suspended. How did Algorand’s 200 million mortgage reward scheme be launched?

On August 6, the Algorand Foundation announced the launch of the staking mortgage incentive program, which plans to allocate 200 million Algos to the entire Algorand community as a collateral reward, while the Dutch auction will be suspended this quarter. In this rewards program, each Algo participating in each of the participating participants will receive […]

From Algorand to ThunderCore, is the academic aura a token of poison?

Another star project chief scientist left the job. On the morning of August 5th, the ThunderCore English Community Telegraph Group and the Chinese WeChat Group Administrator announced that ThunderCore co-founder and technology core Dr. ElaineShi did not continue to sign after the end of the two-year contract. According to block rhythm reports, some investors in […]

The quilt cover for 40 days, the Algorand photographed by investors can finally be solved in advance.

Algorand, the Turing Award winner, once again screened the currency, but this time it was not a "pizza cut". On June 19th, Algorand Holland auctioned tokens, and the main exchange opened on the same day. The ALGO token price soared to $4.2. When everyone started to revel, ALGO ran all the way, falling to a […]

Twitter Featured: 15% off, cancel the Dutch shoot, Algorand open cuts?

01 Algorand Foundation announces a 155% discount on the auction price of 25 million ALGO tokens Algorand Foundation sends: The Foundation launched a repurchase of up to 2,500 ALGO tokens. As an alternative to the 90% return mechanism, all users participating in the first AlGO auction may receive an auction price of 85% next week […]

Algorand announced an early repurchase, Algo rose 45% in a short time

On August 2, the Algorand Foundation officially announced that it would offer early refund options for early auction participants. Users who purchase tokens in the first auction can return tokens to the Foundation's designated wallet address from 8:00 (SGT) to August 9th on August 2nd. The Foundation will refund 85% of the price ($2.04) settled […]