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Alipay endeavors to launch epidemic prevention materials information service platform, using blockchain to achieve full traceability

Source: Shanghai Securities News Shanghai Securities News (Reporter Wei Qian) Recently, Alipay launched the epidemic prevention information service platform, which can be seen by searching the same itinerary query function. It is reported that the Zhejiang Province Medical Materials Security Group has launched the first material requirements list, which includes medical masks, protective clothing, work […]

Digital currency silent smoke: Alipay RMB and Libra USD

Figure 1 European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde stated in a reply to the European Parliament: The goal of stablecoin programs such as Libra is to address the deficiencies in cross-border payments by establishing a new and independent payment ecosystem that does not rely on existing clearing and settlement […]

Why can Libra fight against Alipay and WeChat?

"Libra will compete with Alipay WeChat" – on the first day of the release of the Libra white paper, someone said that the peacekeeping strike was said. But this is just a guess. Until last Thursday (18th), the US House of Representatives held a hearing on the Libra project. Libra project leader Marcus even publicly […]

Libra coins will threaten to compete with WeChat and Alipay. Can Chinese companies be able to stand up?

On July 17, the US House of Representatives launched a review of Libra (Libra Coin) titled "Reviewing Facebook's Digital Currency and Its Impact on Consumers, Investors, and At the hearing of the Impact of the US Financial System, Markus, the head of Facebook's blockchain project, defaults that Libra and WeChat, Alipay will be a competitive […]

Gu Yanxi: Libra Association will invite WeChat payment and Alipay to join

All of the analysis of the Facebook Stabilization Coin project to date has underestimated the role and value of the Libra Association in this project. I think this association is the biggest highlight of this project. The project's highlights in this underlying technology, currency generation mechanism, and potential user base are far less than the […]

Babbitt’s column explains Libra through Alipay.

These days, Libra, the virtual currency issued by Facebook, is in full swing. The domestic virtual currency market is very large and there are many people concerned. Especially the international companies with such big names as Facebook have also issued coins, which can not help but make people curious. Want to understand Libra released by […]

Alipay online blockchain medical treatment system, 60% reduction in medical time

The first batch will cover 11 general hospitals. According to Sina Zhejiang News, the country's first blockchain electronic bill platform – Zhejiang blockchain electronic bill platform (hereinafter referred to as "platform") officially launched today. After the Zhejiang citizens go to the hospital, they don't have to go to the window to pay for the money. […]

The Yangtze River Delta became the first “winding” area in the country: the full coverage of medical loans for medical treatment, the efficiency increased by 10,000 times

What is the use of blockchain? The "Yangtze River Delta" may have the deepest experience. In our statistics, the Yangtze River Delta accounted for more than half of the more than 40 scenarios in which Alipay blockchain technology landed. The Yangtze River Delta has thus become the first region in the country to use the […]