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How does Ruixing's employees commit fraud of 2.2 billion, and how to use technology to prevent financial fraud?

Text | Edit by Derek | Produced by Bi Tongtong | PANews Ruixing Coffee's "self-defense financial fraud" incident continued to ferment. This afternoon (April 5), Ruixing Coffee issued an apology letter saying that the executives and employees involved had been suspended for investigation. Ruixing Coffee's board of directors has commissioned a special committee composed of […]

Blockchain landing in philanthropy, alliance builds to test entrants' capabilities

Source: China Business News In the field of public welfare and charity, how to more quickly connect with the need for help? How to maximize the power of upstream and downstream industries to participate in prevention and control work? In the digital context, technology companies have submitted their own answers to this question. It is […]

Opinion | Will the alliance chain gradually disappear?

Source: Vernacular blockchain, the original title "Is the alliance chain really so fragrant? Either disappear or become a "vassal" of the public chain Author: Five fireball leader I don't know if you noticed it. At present, there seems to be only a "half of bitcoin" trend in the market. No one cares about sharding or […]

Industrial blockchain enters the market, 2020 may usher in an inflection point

Text: Xin Nan Produced by: Odaily Planet Daily From talking to talking to becoming mainstream, the alliance chain has ushered in a real spring in 2019. Although not all the on-chain scenarios focused on by the alliance chain companies have real value, compared with a more idealized and decentralized public chain design, the alliance chain […]

Blockchain changes 2020: start business without “bringing funds into the group”

Author: Jiang Xiaoyu Source: Carbon chain value At the end of October 2019, the blockchain was established by China's top leaders as "an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies", and the concept of "industrial blockchain" became hot. But strangely, the popularity of the "industry blockchain" concept did not immediately bring a corresponding investment […]

Opinion | Zhang Yifeng, Dean of China Banking Technology Institute: Do not think Libra will land soon

Source: China Banknotes Blockchain Technology Research Institute On January 15th, at the tenth financial innovation and development forum hosted by eBay Finance, a blockchain, and "Financial Finance" magazine agency-"Break the World · Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit", China Zhang Yifeng, president of the Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute, personally believes that under the existing international […]

Comments | There is no "prospect" for the public chain. Is it easy for the alliance chain?

Author 丨 Fuji Editor Operation 丨 One Hundred "Don't feel that the development momentum of the alliance chain is strong now, just blindly praise the alliance chain and devalue the public chain." Said Huang Butian, the founder of Yunxiang Blockchain. After the blockchain has risen to the national level in China, as many star public […]

Yao Qian: Dealing with Fintech with Supervision Technology is the Response of Blockchain Governance

Text: Yao Qian, Technology Supervision Bureau, China Securities Regulatory Commission Source: Tsinghua Financial Review Editor's Note: The original title was "Yao Qian: High-quality Development of Blockchain and Data Governance" How to develop a good blockchain is a key proposition that must be answered urgently. This article believes that it is a pragmatic strategy to start […]

Perspectives | Re-analysis of Private Chain and Alliance Chain Concepts

Blockchain is generally divided into public chain, alliance chain and private chain according to the use object and application scenario. The public chain is a non-permissive chain and is open to everyone. All nodes can join and exit the network freely. Any node can also read data, send transactions, and transactions can be effectively confirmed. […]

The history of crypto dying 2020: On the widespread "crypto utopianism"

Author: FYJ Source: BlockBeats Editor's Note: The original title was "Encryption Extinction History 2020" "Everyone is planning A shares." After hearing this sentence, my mind seemed to be stuck. Two seconds later, I confirmed that my friend was not discussing the crypto market with me. I looked up and looked around, and the night wind […]