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To die, the altcoin that was almost forgotten by the market is going to be killed?

Since the beginning of October, the discussion about the "cotton currency season" has dropped to a freezing point, but compared with the attitude of the previous few months, the market analysts unexpectedly experienced a 180 degree reversal…. .. In the wave of the first half of this year, the prestige bitcoin continued to squeeze the […]

The altcoin season is coming soon? May be back light, beware of falling

"The altcoin has finally come out," the senior speculative user Wang sighed after seeing the XLM (Hanging Coin) surge yesterday. Bitcoin has been rising for five months since the beginning of 2019. However, the overall market of the cryptocurrency industry has shown the trend of "bitcoin outcrops, altcoin and chicken feathers". But since last week, […]

Babbitt column | Why study the "cottage" coins?

It is said that bitcoin is good, and it seems that there is a natural sense of justice. Despising the altcoin seems to be a political correct. I used to do this, holding serious prejudice and often scorning the competition currency as garbage. I changed this year. When I write articles that are not bitcoin, […]

Institutional Strategy Research | People still want to miss the altcoin for a while

Core point of view: The market volatility structure is similar to 2016. The short-term volatility is slowing down, but the long-term volatility is at a turning point. In the second half of the year, the market will continue to fluctuate with wide volatility; The market started a rebound structure of about two weeks from the […]