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BTC's market capitalization has fallen to a 7-month low. Has the bull market for mainstream currencies come?

Bitcoin is currently adjusting above $ 10,000, but mainstream currencies are still continuing to rise, which has pushed the market share of BTC to its lowest point in seven months. Is the bull market for mainstream currencies finally here? Bitcoin market share declines by 11% Since the beginning of this year, the BTC market share […]

Analysis: Three reasons why altcoin has failed to disrupt Bitcoin

Source: LongHash When people first learn about bitcoin, they usually feel that they have missed the opportunity to catch up with the boat that has seen the price of crypto assets soar over the past decade. This is, at least to a certain extent, the reason why many people are interested in whether there is […]

Pivot ERC20 Altcoin: Most high-yield tokens are concentrated

Two-thirds of the past 2019 has passed, except for Bitcoin, which has experienced a small climax in the middle of the year. The cryptocurrency market is generally in a tepid state, and there is no big bull market that we have been waiting for for a long time. Year-to-date, bitcoin rose about 170% (YTD), Ethanol […]

Boxing champion Pacquiao wants to send coins, heavy punches or digging holes?

According to the South China Morning Post, on Sunday, the famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao announced his own cryptocurrency Pac at a free concert in Manila. Token, which sang a serenade for more than 2,000 fans at the concert and recommended them to participate in their own cryptocurrency. In history, there are also boxing superstars […]

78% of the cottage currency hit a three-month low, is it worth investing?

The plunge in the early morning of August 29 suddenly broke the price of BTC by 10,000 US dollars. Many of the altcoins were even more horrible. Investor confidence is once again frustrated, is the bull market over? Is the bear market coming again? In order to answer the above questions, Babbitt did a simple […]

"Bitcoin ten years" smashed the entire currency circle, it is time to re-recognize BTC!

Looking back 10 years ago, Bitcoin is still untouched, and now its fans have spread all over the world. This weekend, the " Bitcoin 10 Years Price Trend " dynamic page smashed the entire currency circle, especially thanks to the elaborate production of, and I accidentally brushed it a dozen times. After reading it, […]

There is no doubt about Bitcoin's safe-haven properties. Will there be spring in the altcoin?

With the series of major events such as the Fed’s interest rate cut and the renminbi breaking 7, the hedging attributes of assets such as gold and bitcoin are becoming more and more obvious. On Monday, Bitcoin once again broke through the $1,105 mark, and with that, Then its market share (BTC Dominance) soared again. […]

Don't wait! The altcoin spring will not come

79% of the altcoin can't go back to the historical high, and this pot has to be bitcoin to back. Bitcoin: Blame me? Historically, the rise of Bitcoin will bring a parabolic rise in the altcoin, but this round of the Mavericks may not usher in the Alt Season. Without a catalyst like ICO, the […]

Market solution: BTC is temporarily getting a support for the cottage currency V-shaped rebound is brewing

According to analysts, after the BTC fell below $10,000, the short-term rebound has temporarily continued. Most other large-capital currencies and altcoins have rebounded. Some big-capital currencies are rebounding twice, while the weaker currencies only show a rebound yesterday. Regardless of whether it is a rebound or a rebound, it is a V-shaped rebound. If you […]

The top 5 “fraud coins” in the first half of the year, the lowest increase of 1400%

In the summer of 2019, Bitcoin swept away the "depreciation" of 2018 and broke through the $10,000 mark. What followed was the revival of the cryptocurrency market. And this summer is also alive, there are many "star" projects that have once made the currency circle like a meteor. All of these projects have one thing […]