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Comment: Grin's problem is not privacy at all, but no one uses it.

Source of this article: block rhythm Author: 0x22 0x29 Grin, who just appeared at the beginning of this year, did not have a good year. Or, for the investors of Grin, the performance of this project known as "the next generation of bitcoin" is not as expected. The investor was just slap in the face […]

The Grin mining machine has a 20,000 US dollar, earning thousands of dollars a day, and the Asic mining machine is about to start.

Grin's heat is the highest in early 2019, no ICO, no pre-excavation, no investors, and the "three nos" resume makes it a dazzling star. Since January 16, the price of Grin has experienced three peaks of $14.7, $13.3 and $6.4, the lowest price is $1.9, the current price is $3.2, and the market capitalization is […]

Will Grin and Beam be forked, and will the privacy currency be fired again?

Abstract: The price of the currency that has soared has been repeated many times. On the eve of the hard fork, Grin and Beam are also "not moving", and the price of the currency has fallen by more than 15%… At the beginning of this year, the privacy concept coins Grin and Beam will be […]

Anonymous coin Grin will smile in July to meet the first hard fork upgrade

According to Coindesk's June 6 report, Grin's developers have reached a consensus on the hard-forked block of the cryptocurrency network and the expected activation date, which is the first systematic upgrade of the cryptocurrency network in history. cross). (Source: coindesk ) Quinin Le Sceller, a software developer at Grin's core developer and blockchain startup BlockCypher, […]