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Ideal to the left to the right, Grin makes people want to love

In the field of cryptocurrencies, once you touch the issues of freedom and privacy, it is always easy to arouse the interest and yearning of most people . Grin, which emphasizes decentralization and is generally known as Bitcoin 2.0, fits perfectly into the tastes of most people in the field. Note: On the main line […]

Grin's return on investment – 69.7% mining machine production

On July 20th, mining machine manufacturer Obelisk issued a notice saying that due to lack of development funds and users' lack of interest in Grin, Obelisk decided to cancel the GRIN1 mining machine project. Obelisk will fully refund the users of the GRIN1 series of mining machines at the subscription price. According to CoinmarketCap data, […]

Grin 2.0 is coming soon, developers agree to change the technology development roadmap

According to Coindesk's June 27 report, the developer of the privacy coin Grin recently held a meeting to hold a developer conference for privacy-oriented GRIN tokens, and they agreed to postpone the change to the planned Workload Proof (PoW) update, but It will definitely be implemented in the foreseeable future. Image source: visualhunt The move […]

Anonymous Angrim Grin: Regaining Zhongben Cong Electronic Cash Dream

Trust is something that Grin and many decentralized cryptocurrency items, including Bitcoin, deliberately avoid. Anonymous coins and the privacy protection technology behind them have always been "small and beautiful" in the blockchain world. It also left a mysterious reverie when it enhanced the anonymity of digital currency. Five years after the birth of the first […]

Like Nakamoto, the founder of Grin announced that he would leave the project temporarily.

In the early morning of June 24th, Beijing time, the full-time developer of the privacy cryptocurrency Grin (Chinese name Gu Ling coin ) Yeastplume posted that Grin's anonymous founder Ignotus Peverell chose to temporarily leave the project for personal reasons (at least a few months) Time), but did not provide specific reasons, which also led […]

Grin's first hard fork plan was launched in July: the division of labor is clear, only the east wind

Grin will usher in the first hard fork in July, algorithm adjustment, protocol upgrade, deprecated version, are you clear? Grin's first hard fork (mid July) Block height and date to sum up Grin showed at the outset that there would be four forks in the first two years of the line. Each time 60*24*7*26=262,080 blocks […]