Articles of Anonymous Coins

Comment: Grin's problem is not privacy at all, but no one uses it.

Source of this article: block rhythm Author: 0x22 0x29 Grin, who just appeared at the beginning of this year, did not have a good year. Or, for the investors of Grin, the performance of this project known as "the next generation of bitcoin" is not as expected. The investor was just slap in the face […]

Anime coin scuffle: What have you been busy with in each of these two months?

Source|Medium Translation|First Class (First.VIP) This article is a list of prices and development progress of major anonymous currency projects. Current ranking Ranked according to the income/loss situation from October 1st to November 1st. 1. ZEN: Buying $100 Horizen, which was worth $73.22 last month, is currently worth $104.46, up about 42%. 2. XVG: Buying $100 […]

Analysis: Why is Zcash, which is favored by V God, the worst performer among the three major anonymous coins?

Author: LucyCheng; Article source: Hash Unexplored excavation, the futures price has been speculated on BitMEX to about $ 1400; the birth of the block was just born, the price immediately rose to 2 million US dollars / piece – Zcash launched in 2016, is undoubtedly the dark horse of the time. Less than half a […]

Dialogue | Paying for the match: Who is better than the anonymous and stable coins?

One of the most interesting things in the industry this year is that Facebook officially announced the launch of the cryptocurrency Libra. Libra and its members of the alliance chain, with their own massive user and payment scenarios, make people pay attention to the possibility of blockchain technology landing in the payment field. In fact, […]

Anonymous coin "dead" countdown, where should privacy go?

Three months after the release of the new regulations of the International Financial Cooperation Task Force (FATF), the international intergovernmental cooperation agency, the “cat and mouse game” of this regulation finally had preliminary results. On the 16th, OKEx Korea announced that it will release five kinds of anonymous coins on October 10, including Monroe (XMR), […]