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Viewing the privacy of the cryptocurrency era from the "room N incident": most cryptocurrencies in the market are not truly anonymous

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "Privacy and Regulation in the Era of Cryptocurrency from the" House N Incident "" Room N events In 2018, high school student god god hacked personal information of underage girls through hacking programs by impersonating police officers, and then threatened to force women to shoot various sexual […]

Monroe Research Lab releases latest research paper: new technology Triptych will significantly improve online anonymity

According to Cointelegraph, the Menlo Research Laboratory (MRL) published Triptych in a paper on January 6. As the core anonymity mechanism of Monero, the main purpose of this research is to significantly improve the anonymity of Monero. (Image source: flickr ) Monero (XMR) is an anonymous coin that uses multiple mechanisms to obfuscate the amount, […]

Mosaic/Coinbase Joint Report: Development Status of Anonymous Coins

Source: Encrypted Valley Original author: Eli Ndinga Translation: Harry Zhang In 2019, Mosaic had the opportunity to introduce to Coinbase's institutional investors the topic of "the development of anonymous currency". The study lasted nearly a month and was led by author Eli Ndinga. As far as methodology is concerned, the “Development Status of Anonymous Coins” […]

Opinion | ZEC and XMR: Privacy is important, but it is not all

Privacy protection will be a feature of borderless cryptocurrencies, but it will not be a core feature . Users should not assume balance sheet risk on cryptocurrencies with lower value and less security (for example, selling BTC or ETH for ZEC) simply to achieve financial privacy. This article will present the following points: Common platforms […]

Blockchain Technology Criterion: Besieged, Troubled Privacy Defender

Guide Since the birth of BTC, the encryption pass has gone through ten years. At present, countries have different attitudes toward encryption and certification, and some countries (regions) have relatively strict supervision. Among the various encryption certificates, the anonymous certificate designed to protect the privacy of users' transactions is the most regulated one. What is […]

Opinion: Most BTC financial privacy is in the "streaking" state blockchain needs anonymity

(For example, 1a8LDh3qtCdMFAgRXzMrdvB8w1EG4h1Xi is the address of Tim Draper. By tracking, we can see that it divides the currency into many addresses, so as to avoid people's eyes and ears) With the development of blockchain anti-anonymity technology, the incorrect use of these less-popular blockchains will result in the user's financial privacy being streaking. For example: […]

Anonymous currency is to protect privacy? Still endangering society? (under)

Click to view the previous issue: Anonymous currency, is to protect privacy? Still endangering society? (on) All along, how to protect people's privacy is a long-lasting topic, the Internet world is like this, the blockchain world is even more. With the blockchain and digital currency concepts in mind, people are eager to create a Privacy […]

Four major net reds in the currency circle, positively responding to the community's top ten "century problems"

On April 25th, Lite Capital founder Li Qiwei, Blockstream's chief strategy officer Yu Yongquan, Monroe core development member Riccardo and cryptocurrency analyst Whale Panda, guest in the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt live room). They had a big discussion with the host of the live broadcast, Xiao Yan. Xiaoyan threw out the top ten hot […]

Yuan Dao Dao | Rereading Nakamoto's Mail Series – Anonymous

First, the original Title:HOW ANONYMOUS ARE BITCOINS? Satoshi Nakamoto November 25 2009, 06: 17: 23 PM Can nodes on the network tell from which and or to which bitcoin address coins are being sent? Do blocks contain a history of where bitcoins have been transferred to and from? Bitcoins are sent to and from bitcoin […]

Depth | Big data killing era, privacy coins will be your life-saving straw

In the era of big data killing, your privacy has been completely ruined! Nowadays, in order to eliminate crimes such as corruption and money laundering, centralized digital currency tries to replace traditional banknotes, but at the same time, centralized platforms such as WeChat, Alipay, and Meituan use artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to […]